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Bottom icons during battle

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  • Bottom icons during battle

    I noticed that i can click on the bottom icons during a battle to see assists for attacking and defending. There seems to be a list of players under attacking, but if i try to scroll, it just disappears. Similarly in defendng (when i am defending) i can see my own name but cannot scroll down to anyone else's. Is this the intended behavior?

    Also, when clicking on those icons, it deselects the assist type from the left panel, so something must be selected again before assisting again.

    Is this the intended usage?

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    I have to admit, I've never actually clicked on those until this post. was that even part of the update or was that feature there all along?

    I didn't see it in announcements notes.


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      The icons were there, and i might have tried clicking them in the past (i had thought they set the flag that shows up once in a while). In any case, i finally actually looked at them today.