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UW bases in OW attacks

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  • UW bases in OW attacks

    Recently I see people getting UW bases in OW attacks!! Being strict OW player I request developers to stop this ASAP. I dont think I have any interest even to launch attack against UW bases. Just feel not my area of interest. I dont play or very very rarely do attacks in UW so I wont make any comments about attacking OW base while playing UW. I simply don't qualify for that.

    Just a request hope you guys would consider it. At lease return our cups and gems if we decide to pass these type of attacks.

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    I think this was the intent all along, provides increased variety in attacks.. The only reason you wouldn't have seen it sooner was because there were no UW maps with high enough defense cups to feed the matching system. That is starting to change. Plus, I dont know how feasible it would be that UW can attack OW, but it not work the other way around as well.

    I can say, the dynamic is already starting to shift. A month ago everyone was on forums complaining that OW gods were steamrollimg UW maps (mostly revenges) and because of this they should be seperated ....I always sigh out of frustration now when I matchup with kitten or dirt nappers UW map. (I still only attack with OW gods, for context) UW maps are going to be way more challenging to attack as it continues to develop. Higher levels may need a little more time to see it, as their gods are better suited/upgraded but it's definately harder.