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    well said, that was some nice insight to the game


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      Why doesn't the game do much advertising tho? I feel like they would earn a lot of money from new player if they do so.


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        Originally posted by Crazy Uncle Oceanus View Post

        While, i only started playing this game literally the day the UW update came out, i am a veteran of games of this genre. And first of all i must say that Leroy and the staff should gwt more love. I was very surprised that the devs actually take time for us on a smaller scale game. I was expecting shady foreigners.

        We live in a world of predatory, cash grabbing City-builders and this is one of the few i’ve seen where the devs actually seem to care about the players and the games quality. As much as everyone complains otherwise, it could be so much worse.

        First of all theres no realistic paywall in this game. All of you complaining that gem costs are too high, have no idea. Yes i realize most things cost starting at 2k to 10k, and i would estimate probably reaching 30-50k on average by the endgame. Gemming should not be a crutch, it should not be easy to throw money at a game and reach the top, if they made prices lower, every idiot with a few bucks to spend could crush the entire rest of the F2P community easily.
        It may be frustrating to save up gems to such higher numbers but at least you have a way to earn gems for free at all. And its reasonably fast too, in a few months time i will have amassed enough gems for almost every single cityscape, a new hero or two, and possibly a couple in UW. We make about 25 a day plus level-ups and quests, it’s enough to get by. To buy your way to the top you would probably need about $50,000 and at that point you’d deserve it for supporting the game. It’s a supplement not a shortcut.

        The balance in this game is more or less fine, theres not a single game made thats ever reached perfect balance, this one’s no exception. I routinely defeat opponents 20-30 levels above me and theres generally only two reasons for that. 1: They have very poor defense layouts. 2: (and more often) i worked very hard on my attack and timed and planned very carefully. Every city has a weakness and if you dont take Defense seriously or treat it like a secondary game feature, then its no surprise your getting defeated. The lvl 120+ in my alliance are constantly screaming and whining about nerfing or gembuyers or OP heroes, but the fact of the matter is when they post their replays so we can bear witness to the “unfairness” its them screwing up and making mistakes. Failing to prioritize key targets, ignoring spartan academies, missing Monuments or Heroes juiced up on aphrodite or ares houses. This game is so dynamic that there will never be a foolproof base or unbeatable pantheon, so learn to deal with loss, its gonna come alot, competition isnt easy especially at high level, what was anyone expecting? Just be grateful attack/defense is only for trophies and bragging rights and dont lose massive chunks of resources and gold like in most similar games when you take a loss. Lots of losses, from people you TRULY cant beat because they bought premium and paid for armies that costs thousands in real money.

        I dont see that here, so as far as i can tell its a solid game, good work devs.

        Yeah games got some issues, Artemis and Paris need some tweaking, the game could really use a proper guide on some of the more technical and nitty gritty by aspects. Im used to doing all sorts of number crunches and calculTions from the jump, but alot of newbie or younger players no doubt struggle understanding the game. Alot of people dont seem to understand how Houses work lmao. The forum could really use a search function, took me quite a bit of digging to find out some of the games finer points, like the exact algorithm for when defensive troops dropped in your base bu allies, get lvl up for their first cosmetic overhaul. But i found it! And one of the devs had actually bothered to go dig it up and post it.

        I get the impression this game is ran as a passion project by a relatively small team of people, they cant just dropped changes to the code and forums willy nilly. So why dont we cut some slack.

        Oh and for the record i enjoy UW and Defense is my number one source of income for Gold, earning 3-4x more daily profit than i get from attacking.

        Just my two cents.
        Just play for another two years! If you weren't here before the update then you have no idea what the game was like previously, it was much better. Comparisons with other games are irrelevant as there is no comparable game. Coming here to tell experienced players about the game is stunningly arrogant.