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Priority to end simultaneous attacks

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    You're honestly advocating "two wrongs make a right?" Haven't figured out how to do it? Any idiot can do it! The "will" to do it? lmao. You think the community doesn't have the will to crap on other players and abuse the system? Probably not, and I'm thankful for that. They must have some strange world views in Middle Earth.

    Originally posted by Kitten View Post
    A lot have already stopped playing because they get tired of seeing her name in their def logs.
    I don't like what it's doing to the game, but personally I don't mind much. -4, -4, -4, +26. Depends on which underling is at the helm, I
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      Originally posted by Kitten View Post

      What kind of logic is that. Are you even serious? 😂😂😂

      Doesn’t need rocket science to figure out we can do what she’s doing. It’s clearly exploiting an aspect of the game. A lot of people are already whining about sharing accounts, why allow simultaneous attacking/accessing of accounts? Just because she can do it (even though it’s bad for the community and the game) doesn’t mean everyone has to do it. What would that do? It will definitely kill the game. A lot have already stopped playing because they get tired of seeing her name in their def logs. If all of us do it, do you think people will be happy? 😆😆😆 funny Sauron.
      Funny now how you became all worried about the game and players quitting the game when you and kane broke up. Not too long ago, kane was burning through your gems while farming lower players and by lower i mean 40 or 50 lvls below your lvls, everyone had your name on def log on daily basis. Where were you and why were you not defending the principles of the game back then? didn't you worry about players quitting the game or that it could kill the game ... i guess not.
      Take it easy with your personal vendetta and stop being a hypocrite, everyone knows what kind of person you are please. The only reason players have to read your comments on the forum is because you make sure to remind everyone all the time including the devs that you spend a lot on this game and that you are part of the 50-100 as you say that are keeping the game alive.
      There are plenty of free games out there, why should we ever thank you ? for what ? most of us spend on games and you are nothing special.
      All i hear about you is a bad personality player with a huge ego who got booted from alliance to alliance, someone that most of us don't want in our alliance, a player who mainly join alliance to get her defense up and don't care about anyone else, i mean look at kane even he left you its just to say


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        Originally posted by Kitten View Post
        The forum is alive with all these Turks signing up just to vote 🤣🤣🤣

        Gismo don’t believe any word that comes out of Kane’s mouth, they are all lies. Also, I hope he doesn’t use Sln’s more than 200K gems (if she has that amount) shamelessly and with no purpose other than to be spiteful or delete her previously saved bases claiming that he “owns” it so he must delete them.
        You don’t know how to play or are you just too suck at it? Why complain when u can’t even attack? You can’t complain when u let others use your own account- that’s pure dumbass. I bet u only know how to def right? poor thing. You must use others have your account to keep up with attacking cups you big fake lips with big mouth bla bla bla.


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          Although all of this is true, let me clarify something.
          I left Reign due to a fallout with the leader of that alliance and found a new home in Outlaws.Despite Sln‘s reluctance to allow Kitten account in there my own reputation made it possible to stay. Kitten herself told me numerous times that she didn’t care what I do or where I go as long as she has the biggest account though she did mention not liking to be in Outlaws.
          On that fateful day I was playing challenge when I found myself suddenly in Reign alliance without knowing why. Unfortunately I got impulsive and thought she would take the account away from me and nerfed all bases as well as used a lot of gems to level up( was at 98%).
          You all know what happened next.

          Also,why is it always me? Corner tenting,low level beating high level,farming etc. you all just hate me with a passion or what?


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            I'm going to close this thread because it seems rather pointless and has devolved into bickering and name calling.

            The original point is that a lot of people don't like simultaneous attacks. Got it. We are discussing at the office.