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  • Bigger Attack Pool!

    Hey guys,

    I’m a level 107 and from what I’ve seen, my trophies are relatively high for my level. I hit 4400 offense as a level 106 and I’m sure many of you guys have around that amount. With that many cups your attack pool is really small, I get the same 10-15 bases every attack. I do monogod so at this point I have all the bases I get matched with memorized and so the game is boring. I know you added the 10 developer bases to try and increase the attack pool, but imo it wasn’t enough and I’m sure many people agree. So here’s my suggestion: Allow players to set more than one base layout as active. For example, I hit Scorpion’s base all the time so if he had like 5 different base layouts set as active i would be matched randomly with those 5 layouts and not just the same 1 every time. I’m not very familiar with coding but I think this should be fairly easy to do, right?

    I have thought of a few things that might be hard to do but maybe you can figure it out:
    1. Visiting: What base layout would you see if whoever you were visiting had more than one base set as active? I think the best thing to do for this would be to have like an arrow button which you can click to go to his next base layout.
    2. Sparring: When sparring your alliance or yourself, how will you choose what base your going to get? You could leave it random but I don’t think players would want that as people usually spar to test out a certain base. You could make it so that when you click on the players name to spar (or your own) it makes you visit his base, and you go through the active base layouts and choose the one you want to spar.

    Idk if anything I said will make sense to you but lol I tried 😅 it’s my first post. Hopefully this can be integrated into the next update. If you guys have better solutions for visiting and sparring please share them.


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    Good suggestion Khal.



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      This idea would bring lot for variety in the game.



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        I haven't been attacked in a little over a day....hard to test a new base that way.....


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          i was attacked 15 times past 24 hours..


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            Guess I'm not in the pool then.... finally got attacked once....base held so there's that.....


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              Originally posted by Lady Leta View Post
              I haven't been attacked in a little over a day....hard to test a new base that way.....
              If you wanted to test just one base you could just have that set as active, I want the devs to give us the option of having more than one base set as active, doesn’t mean you have to have more than one base.
              Last edited by Khal; June 11th, 2019, 08:44 AM.


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                I know Leel ...and I like your idea.....was just blowing smoke.... boredom....


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                  Best idea I've heard in a while. It'd also give us the option of testing different strategies and those spartan things too. And the variety would be more than welcome, instead of hitting the same 10 bases over and over.


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                    New base is holding up nicely!!
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