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Can Defense Be Buffed?

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    Originally posted by Kane2 View Post
    Defense sucks so much at the moment I gave up on wasting time defending my base and just nerfed it into the ground.Everybody got through either because they were a much higher level or brought half their alliance with them.
    Having dropped 400 DEF let’s see if it can fend off attacks.
    Doesn't sound suck to me, high level beating low level is what it should be while with excessive amount of extra help as well, though we all hate this case.

    Originally posted by Kane2 View Post
    I can help you out here Fritz.
    Every time someone has a new base that looks problematic or if I had serious trouble beating a base I copy said base and spar it.I can defeat every base there currently is except two.
    I personally think defense is fine at the moment as so many high level players build to counter “monogod” and assisters know by now how to defend properly.
    I would actually prefer a solo mode so I don’t get swarmed by defenders like today.

    BUT: I understand people who think “monogod” is too strong,on Kane I am still able to defeat bases far above me.No bragging intended but I know what I am doing.
    Did something change in their attack strategy? This quote is rather still in same version as we are having now. You thought it's alright at that moment.

    Or did you just think defense suck for the reasons in first quote...?
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      Don't you get it? Defense sucks and is a terrible problem and needs to be fixed when it's YOUR defense. When you're attacking, it's great that defense sucks and would be great if it sucked even harder. :-D
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        Originally posted by Zero View Post
        You know what this feels like? Devs created a badass game (high five party), did not expect to do this well or have long term players, looked around and said, ‘wait, they are all still playing?!’
        I stopped base building myself. No point. I feel I have over stayed my welcome in this game. Devs did not expect players to stick around this long. Feels like they had no intentions of making this a long term game where you can continue growing fairly. More and more regular players climbing up are starting to see. As one starts to get higher in level the flaws in this game become more apparent. Rightfully so because no one expected you to still be playing. If all you do seems useless, you’ve stayed too long. This game is meant to be enjoyed by low level guys aiming to get all 10 gods and their abilities. Have fun for a while then hit the ceiling where the game lets you know, time is up. Start over or find something new lol Figure with 3 years in and about $200+ invested, this game has done better than any other game I played. I spent money and had fun for a solid 3 years. It was a good run. If I were a developer, I’d be happy with that result. Devs can relax and not have to do a bunch. There will be more and more players like me who will run for another 3 years and when their run is over, the cycle starts again with a new batch of players. I could see why improvements are slow and suggestions ignored. I’m part of the ‘end of the road’ crew...unless I started over again..which is a this game even though it frustrates the hell out of me. Gotta kick this like a bad habit lol...or play like some other guys and just keep low cups, play every now and then, and just kill for fun with no set goals.
        I used to have more than 45 of them and still defense is bad. You can make it up to level 40, yeah?

        Btw, I think Slow Time is not working.


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          Defense was supposed to be buffed with Gorgons and Spartans. These two features did nothing to help. I will say it again and again and again, No Gods on the battlefield = No assists, this will balance the game and maybe, just maybe, Monogod will be not so mighty any longer.



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            2 cents: make Gorgons more effective vs Kraken. It would boost defense and be more appropriate to mythology
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