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Please STOP Corner Tenting!!!

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    If you say so Diablo


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      Goes back to a point I replied to very early in this thread, about skilled solo attacks, do away with alliances so everyone can become skilled soloists then. Ideal scenarios are often very different to what reality presents.


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        Ozymandias. Meh 🤣🤣🤣 Selfishness lol made me laugh. Selfishness on your part as you are not even open to a democratic vote nor a change in the game when obviously there is a flaw in the system that people are taking advantage of. No matter which way you look at it, it is a loophole. This is the only game I play where some players rely mostly on helpers to take down a temple or several temples for them or to win an attack. This is not the goal of this game.

        And people complain of farmers. Aren’t we all? You wouldn’t be able to upgrade your gods or your base if you don’t farm or attack. If you’re a level 105 attacking level 80s-90s, what do you think they feel when you obliterate their base? Same feeling you get when a level 120 and above attacks you. It’s part of the game dynamics. At least the devs fixed the nuking of bases where farmers take your loot and cups and when you revenge them you get no loot because they nuked their bases.

        So I don’t see any reason why the devs don’t fix the flaw or the loophole. It’s been going on for years, since even before I started playing. It’s time to do something about it.


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          Originally posted by Ozymandias View Post
          No change is necessary on corner tenting, or AI behavior, I've yet to see a base that can win every single Rev, against against every single attacker, and definitely don't want to, cause at that point there's nothing left to do in the game.

          relying on certain strategies is the cornernerstone of every assist in the game, the push players let assisters know in no uncertain terms, what helps them win ( in our alliance, it's stay with the gods, don't go off and do your own thing, unless time is running out), just as burst players like for the troops to be drawn away from the next temple we want to hit, time only really runs out when things go horribly wrong, and for every one battle the assisters win for us, the number is tenfold on the ones we lose when things go wrong, irrespective of the number of assisters.

          i can't count the number of complaints I've heard against farmers, and farming is a hell of alot more prolific than the number of burst attacks won by assisters. My assisters often get overexcited when they can hit a temple even if I have enough gods to take it out myself.

          Anyway, this is just tantamount to sour grapes by the push players against the burst players. If we're expected to find a way to tolerate farmers, then push players can find a way to tolerate the corner tenting strategy. There's no need to ruin the game for others because of selfishness, there's more than one strat to beat a base. Deal with it!
          So if there’s no change necessary on corner tenting or AI behavior of troops as you said so, can you explain to me why a level 112 Kane can beat all top players? He beat me, Reinhart, Juice, Hammer, Ali aka Scorpion, Macapapaz and more than likely Raphman. He does this with corner tenting and 2-3 helpers. Or is Kane cheating? Or is his gods too OP for his level? So tell me what’s going on coz I’m really confused. If it’s not his corner tenting strategy that made him win our bases, what is. Please explain.


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            Kitten, when somebody has reached such an exorbitant high level as you, then you have to be around for 4 years or more. I am much shorter, but I can remember that the corner tent strategy has already been weakened three times in the short time. The first time, when the tents could only be placed within the playing field and not more outside. Now the tents were immediately destructible by Archimedean towers. I'm really surprised that you still have not figured that out. That would be the solution to your big problem. This tip is for free.
            The second time was when the troops did not more go to the corner if a god came in, but turned back and immediately chased the god. Before that update they did not do that!
            The 3d time was recently with the introduction of Hermes. Now the troops are able to run much faster and destroy tents in no time. You see, you can change every defending strategy into every direction you need. You just have to move. Or to think and move. Or ask somebody and move.

            Incidentally, I do not call it corner tenting, but freedom to put the tent where I want. If you ban all ideas that good players and good helpers have, then everyone would play bad! Then the mediocre players and the mediocre helpers would have just as many trophies as the ingenious ones. Then players outside of alliances would be just as good as players within alliances. Then finding good players in top alliances would be pointless. To win together, to have the fun to achieve something together would be gone! The helpers must also have a sense of achievement, otherwise it is only lost of lifetime. That's the point in this game. Achieving something together that you can not do on your own. I'm not talking about very very good top level players. They also manage to beat a 20 Lever higher on their own. But just as legit is to have 1-4 ingenious helpers. Then you can also win against opponents who are 20 levels higher. That's team sport. Than you can choose even medium or hard and attack. So do not expect others to adapt the rules of the game to your needs, as my 9 year old brother does, but start working on your base.
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              Kleopatra, I wish I am as smart as you to figure out how to counteract the corner tenting strategy or I wouldn’t be here to post about it. Or should I say, I wish all my troops are as smart as you not to go chasing on that corner tent. But I only started playing shortly before Hera came out which was probably 2 years ago, so dumb of me not to figure it out myself. Your 9 year old brother is much much smarter I should say.

              Since you have some suggestions on how to counteract those types of attacks, we’ll see if I cannot be defeated by those corner tenters anymore. If I still get defeated, I’ll revisit your post about it.

              Needless to say, Archimedes towers does not target tents. They prefer to target gods and secondary target is troops. Liike said, it has a range and if that tent is so far out of reach/range, my towers are useless. Besides, other helpers drop troops nearest to the tower to distract it from targeting the tents.


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                Originally posted by Diablo View Post
                I am actually laughing now. There is more than one strategy to win, and you are either talking about 1 god 1 temple, or a type of troop draw/ exploit. What you are not describing is burst, which is a fast paced, surgical destruction of a city by strictly targeting temples. Burst has never, will never depend on assists
                Yeah.. He calls it burst when he spends most of the battle time doing nothing and just hiding behind his assistants skirts waiting for them to set up tents or finish off temples for him. Lol


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                  Originally posted by Snake Eater View Post

                  Yeah.. He calls it burst when he spends most of the battle time doing nothing and just hiding behind his assistants skirts waiting for them to set up tents or finish off temples for him. Lol
                  You don't even know who I am in the game Diablo, just on to spew nonsense, without even knowing if it's true, you sad, sad person.


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                    I'm not open to ridiculous changes, that only affect one style of play kitten, it's not that hard to understand, you just choose not to try.

                    even the devs and @ starts with j and ends with n has backed down a bit, if you haven't noticed already, so that a proper discussion can take place. Maybe you'll only see this the next time you complain, though.

                    Believe it or not, not everyone is a farmer, I am able to attack alot because I assist alot, and find boosting on the challenges much more effective at building up loot quickly, so even at +level 100 I can still level up in about a week or so.

                    attacking bases 20 levels below is as close to a guaranteed win as you're going to get, so it gets stale fast. Then expecting those who got hit to have a guaranteed loss on Rev is a tad ridiculous, even though a loss is the most likely option here too. If Kane has managed to figure out how to beat your base, at 20 levels higher, then it's Kane that I want to be following and getting tips from, not the sore loser who wants to ruin it for others because of this.


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                      Ozymandias, FYI Kane is level 112 who has beaten all top players. I’m level 145, that’s 33 levels above him. Don’t you think it’s a little impossible, no? Tell me then how he’s able to do that with the level of gods he’s got. I couldn’t say for sure if he’s cheating but somethings amiss here.

                      You said people ganging up on you, no one here has personally attacked anyone calling them brats, sore loser etc and then crying about getting their posts deleted or getting censored, only you. So I’m not sure exactly what your goal is posting on my thread, except to antagonize or personally attack me. We are adults, yeah? So why can’t we have a friendly discussion instead of insulting other people or calling them names?


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                        And why are low level players like you so afraid to lose 1 cup on revenge? It’s just but 1 cup, doesn’t hurt you, yes? But maybe it hurts your ego. How much loot you’ll get? A lot compared to winning on normal or easy battles, and it only costs you 200 nectar instead of 1000. Btw, if you haven’t known it yet, you gain gold whenever you get attacked. It’s a win-win situation. It helps you upgrade your gods while you’re getting farmed. Just my 2 cents.


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                          Ah, kitten, was the word brat used out of context to the dictionary meaning?

                          is the term sore loser being used out of context to its meaning?

                          yes, but was the censorship fair, and consistent to how it's applied to other users? That's a definite no, if you're still thinking about it.

                          I'd much rather fight to win than cry, ask @starts with j and ends with n 😂

                          again , I'm not targeting you, but you started a thread that, together with the other recent threads in this section, seemed like an attack on the burst style of attacking, that can't be left as is, without input from the burst players.

                          you only see it as antagonizing because you refuse to accept that yours is not the only opinion that matters.

                          what personal attacks, you did threaten

                          the devs with your gem purchases so it's a fact, calling you out on it is not a personal attack. Please grow up, as you say, we're all adults here.

                          Stop playing the victim and start attempting at least ,to play the ball and not the man .


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                            A easy solution would be a solo mode with separate rankings. No assisters or defenders period.

                            Too many variables affect the current rank system. Are there defenders, do I have assisters ect. ect. ect. It’s not accurate. Stacking alliances, farming, dropping trophies it’s all nonsense. I achieved everything I wanted in the current state of the game. A solo mode would add a new dynamic to the game and for many a nice change.

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                              😂 I only play on normal kitten, putting it out there so you don't need to assume anything anymore. I lose as much as I win, and I love taking on tough revs, and on that rare instance I win it, (hardly ever, admittedly) , my team mates and I go insane, share the video etc.and celebrate it, same with anyone else who manages to pull off their insane Rev. The chatter in the alliance and the excitement those wins generate, is worth more than the resources, and is a much better tool to keep players interested in the game.


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                                Originally posted by Ozymandias View Post

                                You don't even know who I am in the game Diablo, just on to spew nonsense, without even knowing if it's true, you sad, sad person.
                                My bad Diablo, tried to edit your name out and replace it snake Eater but it wouldn't let me .

                                anyway, snake Eater, you're just trolling now.

                                @ starts with j and ends with n, this is an example of a reasonable edit, that you're more than welcome to help me out with.
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