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    Who are the best 5 gods to start game for highest trophy level?

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    Ares Poseidon Athena Zeus are the best 4 to start with if you're looking for the push style then bring out the rest. But remember each player will use a different attack style. But those 4 (some may throw in hera with those 4 I mentioned above depending on the attacker's style) are the best gods to start with. But dont worry so much about trophies. Work on improving your skills. Trophies come and go like the wind. As you improve your skills trophies will come
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      1. Aphrodite
      2. Aphrodite
      3. Aphrodite
      4. Aphrodite
      5. Aphrodite
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        Bahaha aphro is my favorite too altho I would never start her she is best for pushing.
        Everyone high has been attacking the same way. Exactly how Rosa said โ˜๐ŸผIโ€™m not That big yet. And I just started using ares because he is my least favorite god but I realize I canโ€™t get higher with out him ๐Ÿ˜ซ
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          Hi. I am very new to this.
          In what order would you recommend I get the gods:
          Should the first 5 be -

          Should other gods be picked among the first 5 other than Hera?

          Then in what order should the remaining gods be chosen?

          As yet, I dont know my playing style. I am at a very low level since I just started. Any tips would help.

          thank you in advance


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            You will regret if you should Those you list god before hera except poseidon.


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              Based on your rcommendations, the order of purchase should be :

              As I am below level 20, I cannot yet activate Hera's Wrath. Would this make her a useful addition this early? Or should I wait until after I reach level 20?

              Should I go for Ares as the fourth or fifth? Or should I go for another god?

              thanks again
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                Below lv 60 you can use Hera or poseidon destroy All over the enemy base with only him/herself, the other gods cannot do it.

                Hera can lifesteal. She still good without warth and great with warth. In low level you can get her ultimate in 1-2 days.


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                  I would agree Hera is essential, and trust us itโ€™s very easy to get to lv 20 u will get her bomb in no time.
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                    Thank you. So I reset and followed your advice. I got Zeus, Poseidon, Hera and Athena.

                    For the 5th, 6th and 7th gods I am now debating on how to order Ares, Artemis and Hades.

                    Any thoughts on the order of the next 3?



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                      Well it depends on your strategy. I'd leave Ares the very last and get Arte, Hades,Aphro,Apollo. But if you burst you might want Ares sooner as he's the strongest god


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                        I started with Zeus, Hades, Apollo, Ares and now Poseidon. I had Artemis but I decided to reset her and give all the money I spent for her on Poseidon. So far, I'm wrecking with them. I am not planning to get the other 3 or level Artemis probably at least until I max everything that needs to be upgraded on the boys.
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                          Thank you so much for your enlightening replies.

                          so now I am left with : Hades or Aphrodite?

                          Do I unlock the Kraken first or get Hades or Aphrodite?

                          1) Kraken, Hades then Aphrodite

                          2) Hades, Aphrodite then Kraken

                          3) Hades, Kraken then Aphrodite

                          4) Aphrodite, Kraken then Hades

                          5) Aphrodite, Hades then Kraken

                          thank you.
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                            Any god except Aphrodite


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                              Zeus, Poseidon, Athena and Hades are the best four Gods to start with but as you progress and level up your account Artemis, Ares and Hera are good and useful Gods to get but some opponents can require different teams and Gods.