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My formation seems hopeless... Any good strategies using them?

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    Do you know? About the big three Read about greek mythology. Athena isn't even a war goddess in roman.Only crafting. Zeus,Poseidon and Hades are the most powerful gods. What about athena's ultimate abilities . Humorous .🤣🤣😅


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      I agree with what SweetMai has said, find a group that has some nice helpful and active players. You will find it hard anyhow to get into a top ten alliance as trophy requirements are very high, to attract higher level players. There are plenty of great groups around with nice helpful players and you can learn a lot.

      Everyone will have their own opinions on who you should unlock and what strategy you should use etc, I’m 108, and I always tell players you need to look at how you attack, and which god will benefit your style of play the most. Where would a new god fit in? How will you use them? Who would be the best patron. I’ve noticed in my alliance some players are getting Artemis patrons, but they don’t push or shred a base, so they would benefit from someone different like Poseidon or Hera. Watch your own attacks, watch other ppl and see what will work for you. Also place your gold more on the powers you use in your attacks, over a second power you aren’t utilising. For example if you have Poseidon and use blast, not a lot of point putting gold on wave if its just sitting there unused.

      Don’t worry about trophies or god strength, it takes a long time to unlock everything & build up bases. If you are doing well on normal you should be really proud of yourself.