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What's your gaming history? How did YOU find GoO?

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  • What's your gaming history? How did YOU find GoO?

    I thought this would be kind of a fun thread to find out a little more about where everyone came from.

    There are some really great people within our little community and it would be interesting to find out a little more about everyone here! Share as much or as little as you want of course, but what's your gaming history? What kinds of things did you play before and what ultimately brought you to Gods of Olympus?

    I'll start!

    As someone who's always loved games, I had a number of different consoles growing up and some really great games that I still remember very well, games that I would consider to have shaped my childhood! I remember when I was about six years old, playing my Super Nintendo which was my first console as a kid. I mostly played Super Mario and this is actually where I played my first Final Fantasy game, FFIV.I was pretty young and didn't really get it at first but it planted a bit of a seed in me that caused me to ultimately grow into a pretty huge Final Fantasy fan! One Christmas, I got my Nintendo 64 and I played the absolute crap out of 007 Golden Eye, Mario Kart and Diddy Kong Racing. My best friend in elementary school, Kyle would always come over and we'd have so much fun staying up super late, playing head to head on that two player split-screen, trying not to screen peek (at least, never admitting to it! ).

    Around the age of eight or nine, my mom's friend gave me the original Playstation too. I was so excited because I remember the original Metal Gear Solid Playstation game, it always looked so fun but until then, I'd never had a console to play it. In fact, I remember standing in Walmart whenever we'd go; my mom would go shop to pickup whatever we'd come for and I'd stand in the video game aisle in the electronics department, staring up at the TV that towered over my small little eight year old body until my neck hurt, playing on the little demo they had. With Playstation, I was also finally able to dive into Metal Gear Solid as well as Final Fantasy VII. My longest save had something like 200 hours on it, I even played through it again just because I loved the story! (I'm also eagerly awaiting the remake! )

    After these consoles, my dad got me a laptop when I was about ten years old and I sort of began playing more games on PC. Age of Empires 2 as well as Diablo 2 were by far my most memorable PC game titles growing up. I've always loved the medieval theme in games and the real time strategy aspect in Age of Empires 2 was so cool to me. Whenever I'd play, I always found myself turtling until the very end, fortifying my base as best as possible, amassing the biggest army I could and then just roll over the opposition! With Diablo 2, I actually played this game with my dad because my parents split up when I was five years old so we both played Diablo 2 together at night. Though again, following the same medieval theme with a darker twist with magic and demons and all that, I fell in love with this game too and continued to revisit it off and on for like ten or twelve years after originally picking it up at the age of ten.

    During high school, I had an Xbox and got super into Halo 2. I had tons of fun with the head to head matchmaking in that game, as well as the two versus two matches. I also remember all the super jump locations which were basically different places where you could jump and cause a glitch to launch you crazy high into the air where you could post yourself with a sniper rifle an be almost untouchable. Actually, the guy I used to always play with is my roommate now haha. I also had a ton of fun with Morrowind, which was I think the third Elder Scrolls game.

    After high school, through college and moving on to this day, I basically play everything now. On PC, I've played thousands and thousands of games of League of Legends. I also really like Final Fantasy XIV, Fallout 4, all the Elder Scrolls games including Oblivion and Skyrim and a bunch of others. I've also been diving into Undertale and Starbound recently and having a ton of fun with those!

    In terms of mobile gaming, I really haven't played too many different games until recently. I originally started with a game called Battle Nations and after a year and a half of that, I moved over to Clash of Clans and have been playing that for about 3 1/2 years now.

    I found Gods of Olympus through Clash With Ash, who's clan alliance I'm in in Clash of Clans. His developer interview with Jay really intrigued me. He seemed like a really down to earth guy and the inspiration behind the game related well to me too (As the game is partially inspired by Age of Empires). So I tried the game out with a group of our Clash of Clans alliance members and have been having a blast ever since!

    Oh! I also forgot to mention that when I was six years old, I got a blue Gameboy color for Christmas. With it, I also got Pokemon Blue, later got Pokemon Red, Yellow, Fire Red, Leaf Green, Sapphire, Black and White etc etc. So I'm a huge fan of Pokemon and have been playing like crazy! The first week had me walking over 50 miles! lol.

    Anyways, that's about it for me. I'm really excited to see what others have to share!

    Also, here's the link the the developer interview with Jay from Clash with Ash's channel:
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    Great to learn some about you! Great thread idea as well. I played clash of clans for many years, but with the newer updates I found myself enjoying it less and less. I was on the hunt for something that gave me a better experience. I have always enjoyed anything that has to do with Greek mythology. While playing some sad little knock off game I was hit by one of those annoying pop up videos. That pop up video was for GoO! I've played ever since, reading this forum as a guest from the start! Decided it was time to join and have a fuller interactive experience!


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      Um started on ps1 ( crash FF ) then ps2 (red dead medal of honor ) and n64 ( classics) Standard games for those moved to ps3 ( early CoDs and battlefield 3-4) then quit consoles, started playing more phone games and using "cash4apps" annoying adds kept coming up saw the aphrodite one and thought "of coarse someone would use that" then i saw charm units and thought "that was unique" been long time disapointed with clash and boom beach. Downloaded got aphro and thought up pretty in pink worked on it ever since.
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        Oh and doom on pc when i was really young around the time i was playing ps1
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          Parents had an old Atari with some weird ass games including E.T. What a holy pile of **** that game was.

          Then we got a Super Nintendo Mario, Mario kart, madden, turtles in time and so many others.

          nintendo 64. Golden eye was my entire summer between 7th and 8th grade, also Mario kart and smash bros FALCON PUNCH!

          then on to Xbox Xbox 360 and now Xbox one. All of the halos all of the splinter cells, all of the assassins creeds, all of the GTA's, and red dead redemption( RIP marsden). Most recently the witcher (incredible game btw) and I just finished fallout 4 (also incredible.)

          My gaming has slowed down over the last 4 years because I have kids now and apparently you need to keep on eye on those little ****s or they can really get into some messy situations. But I still find time at night to mess around for an hour or two after everyone else is asleep.

          About 3 or 4 months ago I kept seeing ads for GOO on YouTube. So I downloaded it and loved it immediately. Before this I tried clash and boom beach but the spawn times for upgrades burnt me out pretty quick. Love this game though, still play on a fairly regular basis and a lot of the time I just get on to chat with Dingo Mooshi and Celestus. Or as I like to think of them the dog, the daughter, and the robot. Watch out for dingo he eats babies. It took me a while to find this alliance because in the beginning I accidentally left at least two alliances lol. I even left 7DS once on accident. Best update the devs made was to add are you sure to the leave option on the roster page. Lol.


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            My gaming history starts near 8-7 years ago (fyi im 13) when i was 5 almost 6... my parents won a nintendo wii in a raffle, i didnt even know wtf was that but they brought it home the next day and installed it on an old tv we had there... We only had one game, that is the one that comes with the console, Wii Sports (what a ****ing good game it was...) My dad, brother and me started playing it and was the most awesome thing i have ever played... Baseball, tenis, box, golf were the ones we used to play the most. After some weeks we started buying new games like Need for Speed. Realy liked how i always used to win against my 2 yeara old brother, made me feel powerful. Then the years passed and we bought TWO AWESOME GAMES, Kirby in the idk the name of the land and Call of Duty Modern Warfare something, this last one woke up my sniper abilities... I still remember those days and nights we needed to pass the freaking impossible levels of Kirby and to defeat the boss... Nightmare i think.. One year - two years later my godfather comes to my home with a present to me... But before that, me, my brother and I used to watch A LOOOOOOOOT the Pokemon series... We always loved the team rocket and specially Meowth, is one of my fav pokemons.. So as i really enjoyed Pokemon my godfather bought me a DS lite with a Dialga & Palkia design (the legendaries from Black and White) With that, i started playing the pokemon games, i started with Black and White with Totodile, the blue crocodile with two legs. Managed to get him near 4-5 times to level 100 (the max in the game) and finished the campaign loooots of times... I still remember it, so thats why Pokemon has been the best part of my Childhood.. Then, years passed again, and it the 2013 my mom, brother and i went for my birthday to USA, i wont say how BAD it went (story for other day hehe) but during the trip, WITH MY OWN MONEY i bought a Wii U (yeah im a big big fan of Nintendo...) so with it i also bought the principal game i didnt like at all... But whatever, 1-2 yrs later i bought the Assassins Creed III, and i really really wanted to be an assassin, ****ing awesome again... another game that i remember its story (ratonrakethon, i will never forget u ) and the time i invested on it. Then, on Youtube i started watching videos and between all of them there was a trailer: Assassins Creed IV... For me one of the bests games ever... I completed a 98% of the complete game (that for the ones that have played an AC will know how difficult and time-wasting it is), every chest, secondary missions, weapons, etc.. The campaign really impressed me, near 30 hours i needed to complete it, TOTALLY WORTH IT. Then in Youtube i also watched another trailer of a brand new game (that is going to have a sequel this year WOHOO!) its name is Watch Dogs, that is for me the BEST OF THE BESTS games ever created. So it was that i preordered months before for PC. ****ing looooved hacking and destroying things. Then, i continued growing with my Wii U, until in the 2014 i bought Call of Duty Black Ops 2, this game and Watch Dogs are THE BEST OF THE BESTS GAMES EVER. I made lots of friends in BO2 that i still talk to by Messenger. Ninja defuses, across the maps, trickshots that i wont forget. The next year i got my first phone! An Iphone 4S, there i downloaded March of Empires, good game by Gameloft, only problem: PtW. In that game i had to start using my beautiful English abilities.. but on January 2016! i was at the beach, bored when i saw in the App Store "New Featured Games": Gods of Olympus. My first impression was: nah, seems boring and a PtW... I downloaded it, started playing... Best mobile phone game i have ever played! First i used to manage a little alliance with a guy called Skamulli, no longer than a month later i joined Rising Gods, the veteran players know what happened there lmfao😂😂... I time glitched a lot and that, got my nectar stucked in 0 for some weeks... Then i joined the forums.., Got captain in Rising Gods... Rising Gods got the first place of alliances in the world because of Jimmmy... and later got kicked haha jk, i left. Some time later i started posting a lot on the forums and met keva, 7th day, chitlins and a lot of ppl more.. Then i started jumping alliances for a while... Then joined Elite Nation (that now no longer exists)... Met my actual best friend MathRocks. And i just got to the present! Were i am now, in Cratus, where the best defenders in the game are... This story took me more than an hour... but in real life more than 8 years resumed.
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              I've always loved gaming since i was a kid! The older i got the more i loved it.

              Started out with arcades (i was a primal rage addict) i spent most of my time playing that game a placing bets against people. I also loved Mortal Kombat (sub zero was and still is my favorite character in the game) and Donkey Kong was one of my favorite games too and Galaga! Then i shifted towards Nintendo and was super happy when they released primal rage on it. I also played mario kart, super mario bros and basically all the good old mario games.

              I used to play Fifa on playstation with my sister and friend for some time till i lost interest. Then i started using the PSP for a while and got bored of that. I'm a hardcore Nintendo fan tbh. I played Donkey Kong jungle beat and got hooked on it for a while (that game makes your hand sore lol).

              Through out the years i shifted from one game to another on Nintendo (including Zelda). I jumped back to PS when Injustice was released and played for s while. When WiiU was released i went back to playing Mario Kart for a while till my friends and i eventually stopped lol. I enjoyed playing COD zombies and i still go back and forth with that game.

              A couple of years ago i found an online game called wizards101 (yes, i'm a geek! ) and i was hooked since i've always been into wizards and all that. I still play that game from time to time and i end up spending a long time doing so. I also played Mortal Combat on IOS and Dragon Wars.

              The thing about me is when i'm hooked on a game it's really hard for me to stop or try to not spend so much time playing. I played Clash of Clans for a while and it was fun but like G mentioned, the time it takes to upgrade is just crazy and my clan started dying so i just stopped and that's when i went to the app store and was searching for a game smiliar in a way to COC and stumbled upon God of olympus. I mentioned it to friends and one of them had an alliance so i joined but it just wasn't really what i'm looking for but i stayed anyways till one day i decided it's time to leave. That was the day i found the awesome alliance i'm still a part of (well the new version of it) and i do enjoy logging on and chatting with Godzilla GGG, Dingy Dingo and The wolf in troll's clothing Celestus more than attacking these's always twice the fun when they're around.

              And we all lived happily ever after...
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                CASTIEL It's awesome you decided to jump in and get involved on the forums!

                baSedmassacRe Oh yeah! I remember Crash Bandicoot, that game was a blast! I primarily played Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid, some Spyro and a handful of other titles I can't really remember lol. I didn't play the original Doom much, but I played the xbox version and have been wanting to give the 2016 version a try!

                GGG That's so awesome that you got into Goldeneye! I don't know what it was about that game but it was so much fun! Mario Kart too, but I didn't get into Super Smash Bros. all that much but I know the Wii version is still popular. In fact, there's still professional tournaments for that game today!

                Jimmmy I remember when the Wii first came out, Wii Sports was the game that everyone had I think, to showcase the new Wiimote and everything it could do. It was a ton of fun though! I think my favorite one was the bowling game, but boxing was pretty fun too lol. Unfortunately, I've not had many consoles since my Xbox 360, so I never got into the Assassin's Creed titles or Black Ops but I think my favorite shooters to date have been Halo 2, Rainbow 6 for Xbox, but I also like other stuff too. Played some TF2, CS:GO and a bunch of others I can't really remember right now! lol.

                Mooshi My favorite arcade games were those top-down shooter style games. I can never remember what they were called really, but basically where you fly the ship and collect power ups and everything. Those were so much fun! I never got into Mortal Combat much but definitely played a bit of Zelda! Mostly on Gameboy but I played the Wii version too. They're a ton of fun! I'd love to go back and play the others I haven't touched yet too.

                This topic actually inspired me to finally do a face reveal too haha. I used pretty much all of the info in my first post in the video! It was a lot of fun!
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                  It's so cool to hear all of your stories!
                  I've moved the "Introduce Yourself" forum to a more obvious place so hopefully we'll get some more great convos like this! I love getting to know more about the personalities behind the names.


                  My gaming history started with some pretty oldschool games for a 90s kid. I had a hand-me-down Commodore 64 where I played awesome games like Lode Runner with my dad and brother. My cousin also introduced me to BBC Micro games like Contraption, Frak, Repton, and a bunch of other retro gems.

                  My first console was a PlayStation where I fell in love with platformers, my favourites being Gex, Tombi, and Crash Bandicoot. I played games in just about every other genre too, a few of the best were Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid (I still go into alert mode if I hear someone with that ! message tone), Theme Hospital, and the ported version of Command & Conquer: Red Alert.

                  I've done the rounds with other consoles since, but I found myself moving to PC in recent years.
                  Some of my favourite PC games are actually old ones, my all-time favourite is a point & click claymation puzzle adventure called The Neverhood. My friend even made me a Klaymen replica as a birthday present years ago! Other favourites were Age of Empires, Reah, any Sim games, and more recently, Skyrim and The Dream Machine.

                  I got into mobile games when I got my first iPhone 3G. I think the earliest games I played were social games like the "With Friends" series as a way to stay in touch with my mum when I lived interstate. I've dabbled in all genres, but I've always loved games involving town building, roleplaying, battles/duels, puzzles, and anything to entertain me for short bursts on my breaks. My 64GB iPhone is almost full if that gives you an idea. My latest addition is of course Pokemon Go.

                  I've been playing Gods of Olympus since the beginning of the closed beta testing, and it's been so awesome to see the game and community grow from its infancy. I started out on the forum as a volunteer helping to get the website set up, and that led to the job I have now, being closely involved with the development of the game itself. You can probably tell from my history that this is a dream job for me!

                  PS. Aronos, great topic, and I loved the face reveal!


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                    Wow Great post ,really good video too! Was awesome to see how far the game has come , well worth a look 👀 maybe some inspiration for all to remember them Good old low level battles we all started with 😁🤣👻. For me Atari , ps 1 , ps2 all straight strategy games ! Hit PC games before ever wanting ps3 lol so many years of C&C AOE , all the way up to The total war & men at war series, tropico series for a power trip lol & sure many years in arcades on steps trying to reach those ever so high buttons before Atari was a thing 👻 spooky flash back 😁
                    Started GoO when my then 41/2 year old son needed help as it was getting to hard , he had got to around level 30 so I helped a few & I was hooked ! Great game still enjoying even after 3 1/2 years of Spookin ! Cheers 👻

                    PS he’s 8 now & still plays 👍✅
                    Damn, LEGION OF TARTARUS is SPOOKIN!


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                      Wow, awesome thread and loved the Jay interview. Well done devs, the game has come such a long way.

                      We got everything late in South Africa, but started on pc games way back, then Nintendo, and pretty much stopped after that. The only game I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish, was god of War, and played that ages ago.

                      ​​​​​​​This is the only game that's kept me hooked this long, again, great job devs. Haha, alliance wars was the thing I 2016 too, too funny.


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                        Lol interesting stuff. I started to be hooked on Age of Empires 2 10 years ago when I was 8. Then some probably DS Pokémon games and got into clash of clans. Wait times were way too long. Then on YouTube I saw an ad of GoO probably like 4 times that night in like January 2016. I thought the game looked dumb. So I said fine I’ll okay I’ll play it for just tonight and erase in morning. But lol I was proven wrong and loved how we could control the gods. Was more involving than clash of clans. Also assisting people LIVE, lol I was mind blown, plus no build times. On and off with game as content gets old but still enjoy it.


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                          Hi !!! Love the history, hmm 🤔 I been a gamer since I can remember. When I was young from actual arcade games like miss pac-Man Pin ball machines, I’m an 80s girl so I can remember my cousin and I got Atari and omg we played sooo many games. My mom was happy it kept me home and away from boys 😂. Then my favorite console was the Nintendo 64, favorite game on it,is still banjo I have both of them. It’s quite sad both my girls would stare for hours while I would play needless to say they r both gamers too lol 😂. I know bad parenting 🤫. Anyways I’m one of the dorkiest I love love the Pokémon games tv shows. I took my daughter to the movies when the first movie came out she was only 2 months old lol I blamed her. So anyways ds games/ 3ds/ PlayStation. I bought the Xbox one the day I found out I could play banjo on it, I know I know how sad !!
                          Now on phone games I was huge on clash tbh it was my world played it for a few years. I played other similar games like Dominations, samurai sage, lost empire which doesn’t even exist anymore. Then I found GoO and fell hard it had everything I was looking for in a game. No wait times I could attack as much as I wanted I couldn’t get zeroed. It also has the social side that I love, I can talk a lot ! Even when I get frustrated with the game and I try to find any other game out there and there really isn’t anything that compares the god of Olympus. Oh and I never played pc games nothing wrong with them 🤔 I just never got into it.
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                            I just came to say that i was a gamer before Khaleel and Adrien were born and her their first milk.