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Idea for new Hermes Skin

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  • Idea for new Hermes Skin

    It’s seems like most gods have a fantasy or mythical kind of of skin except Hermes and Apollo somewhat. A fun and easily feasible one would be a ninja skin but I would especially like to see a fantasy skin that fits with Hermes lore something along the lines of Wind God, Spirit King, Sky Fairy kind of aesthetic. Give him some bigger wings on the sandals or let him ride on a tornado kind of deal. Maybe make his skin gray and add more random wings to his ears.

    I don’t own Apollo yet but I like his Zombie Killer however it just barely makes the cut for me to consider it a fantasy or mythical aesthetic. A good skin could be a human torch kind of aesthetic maybe make him shirtless, except for his quiver, bows, shoes and whatever is could cover his bits. Thank you if you read this far ^^

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    Maybe there could be a robot themed skin for all of the gods? The skills could also have robot themed animation that matches. Kinda will get lot of people to use gems to make all the gods have matching skins