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Guerra de Alianças -- sugestões e comentários

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  • Guerra de Alianças -- sugestões e comentários

    First, finally alliance war!!
    I know that this moment is to solve the problems.
    But I'm leaving here some ideas.

    1- Some attack, all defend. To better organize wars, it should limit the number of attackers. For 30, for example. But everyone must defend. Which shows the strength of the alliance.

    2- The current model favors failure. It doesn't make sense that when you win, you lose your gods. But when he loses, he stays with them. The gods are supposed to "turn to ashes" only when they die in battle. As long as they remain alive, they can be used. This favors those with more skill.

    3- History of wars. If wars follow each other, without any type of record, score or rank, they lose their importance. I propose the following model:
    i) 1 month season;
    ii) each victory 1 point;
    iii) alliance with more assists per battle day: 1 extra point;
    iv) Olympic medal system: first place in the season -> gold, and so on
    v) medal table, shows the history of alliances​

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    Man please post this in the alliance early access section... I'm sure it'll garner a lot of responses there


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      If I understood correctly:

      "Throughout the War, each god in your Pantheon may be selected for deployment only once. Once you select a set of gods to attack a city, those gods can't be used again in this War, even if you don't deploy them in battle. They will appear grayed out when you are planning future attacks."

      This solves point 2.
      The most important is 3.​ Otherwise, wars have no impact.