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Increasing the number of pple attacking you

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  • Increasing the number of pple attacking you

    Hello, I feel like there is a problem at my lvl and at high lvls in general.

    I am lvl 106 and most of the time I attak people around lvl 130 140. So when they revenge I have 0 chances. My defense log is full of lvl 140 revenges making me loose 1 Def trophies but I have 0 olympus person attacking me by the regular way.

    I don't think that's the way devs wanted the game to be. I have a suggestion. You made Non Player Bases (Sparta oracle of Delphi, hades, persephone etc...) with 0 offense trophies, which are great coz their Def trophies are corrects. I think you could add "Non Player Attackers" corraleted to this bases or not, they would have a certain amount of attack trophies, maybe a better IA then the one from def's weekly challenges (I dunno if it's hard to code)

    AND ==> every 6 hours, if an active player (accounts that did attack the last 48h) has not been attacked by a regular way in the last 6h, the Non Player Attacker with the closet amount of attak trophies to your Def trophies would send an attack to your base. He's attack trophies and your Def trophies would actualize like a regular attack from a real player.

    If u connect non player attackers to non player bases, revenge would be also an option. If not, no revenge.

    ​​​​​​Please, consider my suggestion, I am really sick of waiting someone of my lvl attacking me

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    What I'm talking about in image :
    ​​​​​​Except from UW attackers I receive only revenges.