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  • Add a Co-Leader in Each Alliance


    Since the Alliance Wars are coming soon, I suggest you should at least add 1 Co-Leader or 2 Co-Leaders in each alliance in case the Leader is inactive on that day due to other priorities (such as professional work, examination week, or health emergencies).

    The Co-Leader(s) must first be promoted as General by the Alliance Leader before becoming a Co-Leader.

    Moreover, I suggest that you should put a badge on the officers to easily identify their positions.

    Hoping for your response! Thanks ๐Ÿ˜„

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    Yes is good idear ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


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      Yes, I feel like co leader is essential. I've seen so many cases where the alliance dies due to it depending only on one person to be active. Moreover, it would always be good to have someone else to depend on other than the leader for the alliance.


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        People have lives, get much easier to have a co leader. In my group I started it with another player, they are leader though. If they are busy, I canโ€™t even promote someone to general. Should be an option


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          Speaking from the standpoint of someone who is currently a Leader I think that adding a co-leader would also be a great idea! It would be great to have the ability to share the responsibility with!
          Alliance- Olympus Rises


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            Also in my very previous alliance... There was this difference between the time zones... It was a void in the middle part and it was just two extreme ends and in there... I used to manage with my leader so half would come under my zone and the other ones would go to her... We'd need that kind of sharing the responsibility for alliances with such cases... Not to create any kind of feud or gap or anything, but just to have that guidance factor throughout especially during the old times when it was really needed


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              I long wished for this role to be added. Perhaps the co-leader with the most assist would be auto-promoted if the leader is inactive for more than 50 days or so. This could prevent so many alliances from dying due to the leader suddenly stop playing.


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                A back up sounds like a amazing idea. it really would make all alliances much fairer. alternatively though a vote out feuture could be added for a general to challenge the leader for their position if the leader is greatly inactive or just dosnt follow rules ect but enforces them.


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                  I had asked for it 3 years ago... And they had said no to it right back ๐Ÿ˜‚


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                    I literally logged on today to write this post, but then saw someone already had a Co-leader request running. Yes, please. We need it so badly. For all intents and purposes I am Co Leader of my alliance, I am in fact running it at this very moment. I havent even seen the leader for a month! Likely he's just taking some time off and knows I'll take care of things like normal, but who knows right? But without Co-leader rank, I cant properly take care of my people, like for example kicking an unruly general or getting us signed up for the new AWs.

                    Though honestly I would ask that the Devs consider going a step further and expanding our ranking system altogether. With only two ranks between citizen and Leader, it gives us community leaders very little flexibility in structuring our alliances and motivating our members. I know that many alliance leaders would appreciate having a few more options to give as carrotsโ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹. I would request that in addition to a Co-Leader rank we also receive at least 2 additional ranks between Captain and General.

                    I think since the alliance wars are coming this is a good time to address some of the longtime flaws in our alliances! And while this isnt really a flaw, i've always wished that there was some kind of weekly stipend or collective fund that we could assign weekly payouts from based on rank or something. Personally it would make it more exciting, at least for me, if promoting someone came with some kind of reward beyond the shiny badge. Even if its just something small, like an alliance-based resource nodule or an Alliance Alter, that gives out a bit of gold or gems or whatnot. I know we dont want anything too crazy, like everyone tossing 1% of battle winnings in an alliance pot, because it would grow too quickly and powerlevel newbies. But it would still be nice to have something we could hand out to our most loyal and dedicated members.

                    โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹leroy Oh also, bug alert! Have you guys noticed the glitch where Generals are unable to promote past Captain rank? Im not sure if its an intended function or not, but generals have always been able to promote to their own rank. After 4.9 it seems to have changed! We cant make generals anymore, and the delete function doesnt seem to be working for certain members, myself included.
                    Sorry to ping, i should probably report this on a new post, but i'd likely forget.


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                      I donโ€™t think general was ever able to promote captains to their rank. It gives you an option to do so but it doesnโ€™t actually work. Also, think there should be a limit on how much co leader one alliance can have


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                        Originally posted by Seaweed View Post
                        I donโ€™t think general was ever able to promote captains to their rank. It gives you an option to do so but it doesnโ€™t actually work. Also, think there should be a limit on how much co leader one alliance can have
                        Very strange indeed then! In my alliance at least, the generals always able to do it until 4.9! It does makes sense though, it did always seem odd that you could promote someone to the same rank as you. I have noticed there seems to be inconsistent performance experiences between alliances and devices.

                        But if that's how its meant to be by default , we definitely need that co-leader rank then. I can no give high-end promotions anymore lol!