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  • Base reorganization feature

    What seems to me the easiest option would be to have an 'inventory' folder, you click and it opens up showing small icons representing different buildings you own. Multiples of a building could be tiled. When in the base redesigning you could double click on firetowers lets say, and grab them all and drop them into the inventory, or triple click for all towers. The clicks for selection is already there, so all that would be required is an inventory to temporarily store items. Right now it's very difficult to reoganize a base that sprawls nearly every available space. It becomes very tedious to drag and drop items around trying to create space for the objects. I would guess that many people either had the foresight or used the huge amount of gems to have a second or third base design where nothing is placed down, and/or all monuments/temple are reset to 0. That is a workaround to the issue, but why force that workaround when an inventory would solve the issue? Actually I'm surprised it doesn't exist in all these years this game has been around, in nearly any building game I've ever played there is always some kind of inventory screen which makes redesigning your city/base/whatever easier.

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    I do believe that this feature is heavily needed because it's not always about changing the entire base... Sometimes you just wanna change how things are set into your base, the positions and everything... And in that case it becomes really difficult and time exhausting to actually find a place for every tower and barrack outside the main frame area and the need to clear all the clouds that exist which is another blow to the pocket... And that's why this feature is really really needed...


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      leroy we really do need this one man... It'll give a rise to a lot of good bases and it'll help the smaller people reorganize more and regret less


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        Would love to have this added. Sometime I didn't see a small gap in the center of my base when building and it takes forever to rearrange them.