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  • Balance Changes in UW Environment

    Hello! I think everyone knew that Megaera and Persephone environments are OP. See the top 100 players? All of them are using either of the two. I don’t want the developers to nerf them, but instead, they should buff the other environments with boosted towers.


    Too much nerf. I think you need to change the 50% range boost of arrow towers to either 75% or 100%. If you compare it with the poison towers of Megaera, the arrow towers of Hecate will only distribute the damage if there are a lot of troops in a SLOW MANNER which is, of course, inferior to the poison towers that will instantly kill those minions like wtf. So in order to compensate this, you need to increase the arrow tower’s range boost.


    Hmmm. Alecto environment’s fire tower boost is good at mid-level but smart attackers could just use Aphrodite’s charm building ability to obliterate the whole base. The range is already good so I’m not really sure what to suggest with this environment.


    Elsa. This one sucks at higher lvl. You should probably increase the range boost of ice towers from 100% to 150%. I think that’s the only way to convince more players in using her environment.

    I hope the devs would respond. Thanks!

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    The 4 least used environments (by far!) at high levels are Tartarus (Hades), Cocytus (Tisiphone), Styx (Charon), and Erebus (Cerberus). Gates (Hecate), Elysium (Persephone), and Phlegethon (Alecto) are all pretty decent and well used, though certainly not as much as Acheron (Megaera).

    So really effort should be dedicated towards making those 4 UW environment better. My thoughts on those:

    Awhile back we gave a 100% speed boost to Styx, which I personally thought might people think about using it more, but it didn't really do much. So more needs to happen there. It could either be a boost to shades themselves or just a better environment boost.

    For Cocytus, the problem generally is that people typically don't really use enough ice towers for them to think that boosting them is all that useful. So making ice towers better might actually make this environment selected more. But of course you could just make the boost much, much better.

    Erebus has changed dramatically many times, and noone seems to really care. It currently boosts both UD centaurs and portals, but again, noone likes it anyway. Maybe someone will start using it and decide it really isn't actually too terrible and other people will follow suit. This has happened before for other things!

    Tartarus is a generally an OK environment that is used more at lower levels but falls out of favor at higher levels. Maybe it could use some love but maybe it is actually OK just the way it is...



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      Thanks, Leroy!


      Okay so if you really don’t want to reduce the range of Acheron environment’s range boost, then you should change Iron Gates (Arrow Towers) range boost from 50% to 75% ‘cause it is just unfair with Hecate that she’s the only one getting a 50% range boost unlike the Furies w/ 100%. Do you get what I mean? The 4 of them (Hecate and 3 Furies) have range bonus for their associated towers and therefore, ALL TOWERS (fire, poison, arrow, ice) MUST HAVE EQUAL RANGE BOOST OF 100% (or at least 75% for Iron Gates)!


      With regards to Charon’s environment, I think there should be an increase or boost in the production units of Shades.


      I think the main reason why people are not using this as early as mid-level is because it takes time to purchase skeletaurs. Imagine you should wait to reach lvl 85 in order to buy skeletaurs so some would just prefer choosing environments with boosted towers or Persephone’s general boost (eternal gardens) or just stick with Tartarus.
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        Maybe for Styx, the shade summon speed can also be increased? Giving troops a speed boost for a bit after traveling from the portal might make portals much more useful in general and the environment could increase the speed boost gained which might make the environment better


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          Yep I think Tisiphone cerberus and Charon are really terribles environnements. These ones needs massive boosts (maybe on buildings they upp hp? Like +400% upping hp is funnier for attackers in my opinion.)

          Hecate alecto and hades are OK. Please don't increase hecate again the arrow city's were really boring.

          Megera and persephone are good. Not insanely so I think they are nice (Megera vs UW attacker is too OP in my opinion but vs OL it's nice)

          Anyway for me
          There is not enough mechanisms in UW defense. Maybe add réanimation for shades, something to increase attack rate, building réanimation etc


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            I think one big problem with the Erebus environment is that, everything that I could do with portals that might actually motivate me to get a portal themed city, you cant afford. Portals are simply far to prohibitively expensive at most stages of UW gameplay. You cant really make more than 4-6 until extremely high levels. It simply doesnt make sense to invest in a structure you cant build enough of. Thats not the reason I don't use it though, i just... Dont use any skeletaurs yet lol.

            Elysium has largely the same problem, its Significantly better now with all the recent buffing, but our potential is still largely locked up due to the restrictive pricing of Gardens. And we're still utterly defenceless against long-ranged attacks.

            I understand you just dont want to drop pricing and have everyone go crazy across all environments, i still think the best solution would be to enable Elysium to have the gardens affect a further distance than just the adjacent structures. Or produce some kind of anti range/charm feature.


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              Or maybe the garden should boost the range of buildings too.


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                I’m in the top ten of UW and have been using ICE environment for a while. It seems to work well against certain attack styles. Mid to long range not as much.


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                  Well now hades and Charon challenges are go ne be rude hehe


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                    Originally posted by Raphasifiout
                    Well now hades and Charon challenges are go ne be rude hehe
                    Yeah just tried the Hades daily challenge, starting at level 150, which normally I have no problem with, I couldn't get even a quarter of the base before being absolutely swarmed. Too bad, these weaker underworld bases of Hades, Persephone and Cerberus were a great place to trade gems for stone/gold.


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                      Same, I managed to "win" with super slowpush /charm baracks but I needed 2 more mins I didn't found any winning strategy