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Things to make weekly challenges more fun

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  • Things to make weekly challenges more fun

    leroy I know that you all have a small team and, due to that you can't give monthly updates. That is totally understandable. But, since updates are every 4 months can't you make weekly challenges more interesting?
    Here are things which you can do to make weekly challenges more fun.

    1- Give patrons to every rounds, even to rounds 20 and 21.

    2- Stop reducing the level of hades requiem in round 20 and 21.

    3- Stop increasing the recharge timer of gods in glass canons, solo gods, golden gods etc. If you don't understand what I mean then here's an example= the recharge boost of zeus, Poseidon and hades was 25% in round 19 of glass brothers challenge but, it suddenly increased to 65% in round 20. This makes the round 20 boring.

    4- Dont make bases too buff, especially heroes and towers. They can literally one shot golden gods which doesn't make sense cause golden gods have lots of health.

    5- Listen to the above points and implement them in the game.

    Please do these things, and you will instantly see that lots of players will start to play gods of Olympus again.

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    Yea I really wish they make it more fun. Most of the events are also pretty similar to old events which is kinda boring. Didn't even bother with the recent events as they just don't seem to be worth my time to play.