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  • Restructure UW Please

    I've mentioned some of this in other threads, just wanted to have another go at it in a more cohesive post:

    1. Make UW battles 1v1v1, last one standing wins. Two attackers and a defending city. Strategies would be more complex and certainly not everyone would like it, but it would make them more interesting having to battle an opposing team and an opposing city simultaneously. Battle time wouldn't need to change and you could use the opposing pantheons, one team UW and the other OL. OL Gods could be limited to the 8 immediate ones in the attacker's lineup for the interim until the UW pantheon catches up.

    2. Restructure building classifications. Offensive and Tactical. Buildings that outright attack targets (towers) or spawn troops (barracks) would be offensive. Buildings that boost (gardens so far) or move troops (portals) would be tactical. Would reduce costs and make for a more even playing field. Though personally, if this were to be considered, I'd maybe suggest reducing all building costs by 1/3-1/2.

    3. Make resource generating buildings for UW like OL has. Nuff said there.

    Don't know how badly this would affect connectivity, but it might make UW more popular among newbies and veterans alike and may occupy our minds a bit longer whilst waiting for other features like Alliance Wars. Just a thought.
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    Some of my thoughts...

    1. I like the idea as a new game mode, but not as the default attack for UW battles. I don't think regular UW attacks should be removed from the game, they are very different from Olympus attacks and keep the game interesting. New game modes beyond the current (Battle, daily, time/clock challenge, and campaign) would definitely spice up the game. It would be cool to have something like a 'Duel' mode where you can go up against another player in real time (possibly not allow assists in this mode). If I am understanding your 1v1v1 mode correctly, including a third player's defensive base would need some careful planning/execution. It would seem like some players may sit in a corner while the other player gets weakened by attacking the base only to get wiped out by the corner player's full health gods at the end.

    2. The main problem with UW defenses isn't building price. To me, it has a flawed defensive strategy logic, which is partly caused by the limited variety of building types. On Olympus bases, any investment into a single building type will have depreciating returns. For example, an OW base that has primarily invested in Ares houses and Spartan academies will not be as good as a base at the same level that has a variety of academy, house, and tower types. However, UW bases get increasing rewards for investing in a single type of building. In the UW, the best Hecate environment bases are usually the ones that have arrow towers as the only tower (even replacing gorgons) and don't really require a similar investment in barracks.

    Compared to Olympus, skeleton/shade barracks are very cheap probably to make up for no monuments or heroes in UW.

    3. Yes! Also add an UW decoration that can be bought with silver.

    Hopefully, there will be some UW changes soon! I am holding out for an UW-related update for the 1-year anniversary of its release around the end of the year.


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      Thanks for response, astodro !

      While I will agree that, yes, UW requires different attack strategies for the most part, play is ultimately the same, albeit with an additional "temple" to destroy at the end. Perhaps you're correct tho in maybe not making a 1v1v1 (i think imma refer to it as a royale from now on) the default. Perhaps an additional battle mode would be better.

      That very strategy you spoke of crossed my mind more than once when typing this out, hence the reduction in costs. One could sit in the corner and wait for the other team to be wiped out, but as the UW does gather some fairly powerful select buildings (depending on environment), having a tougher city to go against alone would be suicide (in theory)... Maybe an even larger map in addition? Plus, if both attackers decided to corner squat, well then the battle is just over. Could have a default win in favor of defense if the timer runs out like in other game modes.

      Was just hoping to get some feedback or generate buzz either way. Still think there should be some type of monument or SOMETHING to generate more than just skellies (not that they aren't my favorite troop). Right now, UW is just very... blaise? Underwhelmed with it at the moment. Here's to hoping for more content at the anniversary!
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        I very much agree with you about UW and would definitely play the mode you described! There's a lot of new space that could be explored in the future.

        Even just talking to people in my alliance, some people love UW, some hate it, some find it too confusing on top of Olympus, and some got bored of it after a while but everyone seems to agree the defenses are whack unless you can save the ambrosia for one of the good environments. I also love skellies but they just melt away so easily on defenses. There needs to be something new there - maybe the fourth tab on the building list is being saved for something cool?

        Anyway I really like theorizing about things that could be added to the game (someone mentioned adding Golden God options in game on another post and I think that faster reload & boosted health/attack would work well as a patron option in the UW) - enjoyed your post!