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    Android, Note 9, GBoard

    1) Being the play is in portrait mode, the keyboard is very wide, and as such, hard to use. It very often mangles my words, misses spaces, and whatever. Also, if i go back a screen, by mistake or otherwise, i lose my entire message. Chatting is very helpful in the game. I'd really like to see improvement on this front. Specifically, chat should be sizable so the playscreen can be seen, the keyboard smaller, and message size longer.

    2) Global chat might be nice as another tab aside from alliance chat.

    3) Defending my own city does not show up in the Battles list. This is means if i do not respond immediately, or i exit the battle for any reason, i cannot go back in. Please display my own city's defense in the battle list.

    4) In battle, the assisters are listed in the bottom icons. However, i cannot figure out how to scroll the list. Meaning, i cannot read the list, neither as the player nor as an assister.

    5) For some reason, i get kicked out of battles. I'm guessing i am unintentionally pressing the exit battle button. (I do not know what it is, as it happens when i click on a god's icon. I'm just imagining it is a mis-click on the exit button.) When i am the player, there is a confirmation dialog, but not when i am an assister. I'd like a confirmation dialog on exiting assists, or maybe an optional requirement for a longer press on that button.

    6) I often check how many assists a player has to check their contribution level. Rightly or wrongly, it's just what i do. This is a little difficult because i cannot always find a user in the list right away, and it is not always helpful, because it does not tell me when they joined. The "last assist" is something different. I want to see how helpful they are on average, when they play (then again, that might be too much personal information.). I would like to suggest the alliance list be sortable. Also, if it doesn't annoy anyone, that clicking on a name in the battle list pops up their info (awards, assists, date joined, etc).