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  • Environment Bonses to Temples

    Hi Everyone!

    I have had this idea for a while and wanted to put it out there for thoughts and feedback. It always disappoints me when I spend a large amount of time and resources building a base that caters to a specific god/environment for attackers to simply hard push with inspiration, wrath, and slow time to destroy the central temple and all of its corresponding houses. It seems odd to me that dedicating one's base to a certain god many times means that it is the least influential temple as it is taken out first.

    My idea is to allow the option to have a primary and secondary temple, but only for the environment that is being used. To clarify, I am not asking for challenge bases. This is a bit different. The way it would work is the user can opt to sacrifice one regular temple (not receiving the environment boost) to gain a secondary temple which would match the environment. Obviously, this idea is in its infancy, but here are some preliminary figures for the secondary temple to get the conversation started.

    Health: 25% lower than a regular temple
    Effect: 50% lower than a regular temple

    There would be no changes to the primary temple; it would still receive the 50% boost to health and have double the power for its effects. Here is a quick example of the combined effects of the primary and secondary temples in an Ares environment assuming no houses:

    Tower's base attack: 100
    Primary temple boost: 50% + 50% (environment boost)
    Secondary Temple Boost: 50% * 0.50 (secondary temple penalty)

    Tower's total attack: 100 + 100 + 25 =225

    Although you would be sacrificing a great deal by using a secondary temple, there would be an awesome benefit. As long as a primary or secondary temple is still on the field, all houses associated with that god would remain. If the primary temple is destroyed, the base would lose the effects from that temple (+100 damage in the Ares example). If the secondary temple is destroyed, only the effects of the temple would be lost (+25 damage). If both temples are lost, the full effect (+225) and all houses associated with that god would then be destroyed. Just like all other temples, the secondary temple needs to be destroyed before a base is conquered. Additionally, if all of the gods are not unlocked yet, implementing a simple rule to not allow a person to have more temples than gods would be required.

    I believe this could provide some interesting and new ways to build defenses. The user could separate out the primary and secondary temples to mitigate the initial rush, or they could group both temples at the center requiring the attackers to remain in the center of the base longer. This also allows for different attack strategies of blitzing the primary and secondary temples or exploiting the new weakness for not having all 10 unique temples on the field.

    I hope all of this was clear. Feedback and constructive criticism is definitely welcome. I'm assuming that balancing this out for different environments would be the greatest challenge, but I also think this would be so cool if it were implemented .

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    So you can have 2 same temple in a environment with the catch being you need to a temple that isn’t matched with the environment?


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      I personally understand what you mean but the heroes are already too op I already lost 400 +cups so I don't think it is a good idea


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        Yes, you would have two temples that match the current environment with one having a significant penalty to its effects and perhaps a minor penalty to its health (we don't want invincible Apollo temples!). But the "catch" is that you would need to sacrifice an non-environment temple. In the end you still have the same number of temples, but two of them will be matching colors.

        Fox, I do understand that feedback and I'm sorry about your loss in trophies, but I don't think this would impact heroes for the most part (Apollo environment may be the exception and may need to be tweaked or treated differently). Heroes are considered a "spawned" troop from the start. So even if the houses go down, they maintain all of the house bonuses. I think there is an exception that they don't receive healing if Apollos temple goes down despite spawning with the house but I could be wrong. The change I am proposing is a way to have a more house-centered strategy for the desired environment while creating other noticeable weaknesses in the base such as snot having exploding temples or added range to towers. Perhaps I am missing something though. Can you elaborate on how this would impact hero power?