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    Idea for a building you can put on your map, similar to the ones that give small amounts of gold/gems, but instead it serves as a bank. Could deposit gems for a gold OR stone (not both) in return for a favorable return. The return time 'could' be gemmable, but I can see allure in making it a required wait time, scalable to the amount invested. Could either make pre-set options to invest (500, 1k, 3k...10k, 20k, etc) or just make it like a scale where you can invest whatever amount gems you want but the time is longer the more you invest.

    This gives mid-high level players incentive to buy packs at higher levels. Keeping the rewards either gold OR stone will enable greater depth and flexibility in trophies.. Ppl who enjoy winning attacks would choose gold, for defense -> stone, and those that want balance in their accounts would alternate.

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    Honestly, you wouldn't even need a new building. Just convert the marketplace. Allow it to be upgradeable in health as well as a "power" upgrade that shortens wait time. Would allow scalability across the level spectrums and still provide the necessary resource dumping. Heck, you could even choose what resource you want it to produce for ****s and giggles.
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      Yea, using the existing market is a good idea.

      I'm specifically talking about a productive way to actually use gems though, not a faster refresh rate of the current options. if you were to ever buy a level up pack, there really isn't a good way to spend them unless you just want to throw them away and upgrade an atk ability/defense structure - but the conversation rate just isn't beneficial, you're better off keeping them. I currently gem daily/weekly challenges and a few attacks basically every night and am still sitting on about half the gems from a purchase almost 8-9 months ago. The ability to choose gold or stone would be a subtle but impactful detail in the long term, giving players the ability to specialize in offense/defense or remain balanced as they see fit.

      Maybe make this available at lvl 110? Bridge the insanely long gap with something between 105 and 130? that's around the time when everything gets super expensive anyway and lucky to upgrade one thing per week.


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        I think gem should be equivalent to more stone and gold for higher level.