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    It would be cool if player can get a profile that show how much attack win they have, defense win, top 100 in challenges, highest trophy count and more. The profile can also include a player unique code and that there could be a option to search for players using the code and add a friending system in the future perhaps. Though it isn't needed, it just seem very cool to be place inside the game.

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    YEEEEES please, it would be really cool to have this feature. Could developers please have a look at this idea?? leroy I have a lot of friends outside my home alliance, and it would be really nice to keep in contact with them in game, and it would also be nice to have private chat option with players who are in your alliance as well.

    We can probably make it so we can only send messages to those who accept friend request to avoid any misuse of this feature.
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      if this become a thing then i already want an option to go blind and not show my stats to other people when they look for me.


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        Yea it should have a private mode too if you don't really want to show it too cuz think a few player wont like sharing their stat with others


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          I like this idea a lot I've got a few people on dc that I'm friends with and I would love to be able to pm them in game if they accept my friend requests


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            Messaging should give out warning to not share personal info and acc link with other that you don't know well beforehand. But currently most people use discord to message friends that isn't i same alliance and it would be much more simple to do so in game.