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  • Sortable Alliance Screen

    Trying to find a name in the sea of 100 is annoying and difficult. Scrolling through all 100 to see if any have enough assists to be promoted is likewise tiresome. Being able to sort by each column would be a welcome addition. On a related note, the TROPHIES column is sorted by Olympus trophies, yet the default is to show overall trophies. It basically makes the order look completely random to newer players.

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    I agree with the first one, but disagree with the second one. Having more organizing tools would be nice. But for second one, showing Olympus trophies as default wouldn't make sense, as the players would first see Olympus, then Underworld, then overall trophies as they click on it. But it also wouldn't be right to sort players according to overall or any other trophies other than Olympus because that's the standard of the players. And Underworld is just bonus where players can choose to play as EXTRA if they want.


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      IMO, overall is what should be shown by default (as it is) simply because, for the alliance ranking, what matters is your total number of trophies.


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        Yeah exactly, that as well. But I guess if we find that displaying overall trophies while sorting players into Olympus trophies create confusion, then we could think about not showing overall trophies just on the alliance tab. Only Olympus rating and Underworld rating. That could create a problem of its own, but at least that will get rid of inconsistency.


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          Add my vote to this. I often check on player assists, and finding them in the list is a pain. I kind of wish it were an alliance configurable option to show assists next to each member's name, to encourage them to assist more.