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    This is very minor, but you know how we have level labeled beside player's name in the alliance chat? How there is overworld level first, followed by underworld level, and then the name of the player? Yeah if the player hasn't started on underworld yet, and has 0 level, could we label that as level 0? Cuz there are players who claim that they will just stick with overworld, and they somehow appear as blank for underworld section. For example, if that person is level 100, normally it would show "100 12 JKs" or something like that. But the players who are not playing underworld are shown like "100 (Blank Space) JKs". Which is very minor, but it looks really off. Better to have "100 0 JKs", if you know what I mean. Sorry if this was too confusing or too minor to bring it up. But I assumed it was really easy tweak to be included in the next minor update.
    Last edited by JKs; January 6, 2021, 10:05 AM.