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Kingdom of the Seas (World of Poseidon)

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  • Kingdom of the Seas (World of Poseidon)

    I hope you will consider doing the same for Poseidon, which will always be number one for me. By modifying an aspect of Poseidon's power and creating mythical characters from the world of the seas and oceans such as amphitrite poseidon's wife, The Dolphin King, Kraken and the sons of poseidon (not the heroes but the aquatic gods connected to Poseidon)
    Yes and so remove the Kraken from poseidon to make it a unique character like what you did with Hades for cerberus. And so in Poseidon's ultimate power, you could put the rising storm (you know poseidon is mostly dread for his storms at sea) basically, Poseidon would hit the ground with his trident and a whirlwind of water begins to appear with waves around, taking away enemies and damaging then destroying buildings around, with strong winds and the completely choppy water unleashed. This is an idea for you I hope you like as the ultimate ability for Poseidon (with the name the storm rises) you remember your introduction presenting the gods Poseidon ?? In this intro at the very beginning we see the sea raging, with big waves I think it can inspire you like a storm idea.

    When you think about it, you've created a great game that really appeals!! And then you innovate!! Frankly congratulations!! I hope one day to review An update about Poseidon..
    Poseidon World Character: Poseidon God of the Ocean, Amphitrite Goddess and Queen of the Seas, Ceto Goddess of Sea Monsters, Kraken (Aquatic Monster), Polypheme (Son of Poseidon and Cyclops), Eole the God of the Wind (also considered as son of Poseidon and the wind and sea are related), Triton (son of poseidon also) and the 3 gorgonians (Medusa, Steno and Euryale )

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    Honestly, I like that idea.