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    I'm sure the devs are around here somewhere.


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      Originally posted by Night Fury View Post

      Having higher attack than god of War is nowhere near balanced dude.... Neither is having health lower than a goddess who is only about love and beauty...
      He is a MAN who is buff and ripped from working in the forges all day.. So health near 7.5k is much more understandable... and attack stat should be lower than ares too... idc how much, just have a gap coz he's the god of war and you can't one up that
      Just saying...not that it really matters....but Hephaestus once made Ares run away.


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        Originally posted by leroy View Post
        I'm sure the devs are around here somewhere.
        Is the crashing issue for the arena challenge solved?


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          Originally posted by Blake Markulin View Post
          My name is Blake. I am 13 years old. I love this game and I have a very good idea for the next god you could add.

          Weapon - Hammer
          1. Hephaestus' body becomes fire and damage and hit rate are increased (upgrade increases damage and hit rate)
          2. Hephaestus summons a wall of fire like Tidal Wave that causes a lingering fire effect similar to Rot (tidal wave causes more damage and fire effect stays longer and deals more damage)
          3. Hephaestus summons a number of mini volcanoes that spew lava that flies up and lands on buildings and causes a large amount of damage and a spreading fire effect (upgrade increases amount of volcanoes and amount of lava spewed and damage caused by fire effect)
          Starting stats:
          Health - 4000
          Damage - 900
          Hit rate (per second) - 0.5
          1st attack hit rate increase - 0.2% (0.6)
          1st attack damage increase - 10%

          2nd attack wave damage - 400
          2nd attack fire effect damage - 100/second
          2nd attack fire effect linger - 5 seconds

          3rd attack volcanoes - 3
          3rd attack lava amount - 4 per volcano
          3rd attack lava damage - 200
          3rd attack fire effect linger - 10 seconds
          I would find it a little overpowered imo so I would disagree. But the way you word it (moves) is great but the amount of damage IMO would have to be less.


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            Originally posted by ChaosFromIMMORTALS View Post

            That’s lovely

            now go request a position in the devs team
            Lol. Bad idea. He's young so it's not a good idea for him to be in a position like that. Bad idea.


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              Things going brrrrrr