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    Originally posted by Goob
    Point taken.

    But aren’t you just guilty as wanting more cups and trophies? It would only seem that your gripe is because these “sharers” have knocked you off/down the leaderboard. (Depriving you of cups/gems/glory beyond your wildest dreams)
    Well, yeah. Everyone wants more stuff, but the "at any cost" attitude would be the issue. If it means farming? If it means copying a base? If it means cheating? Everyone draws the line somewhere. Personally, my line is drawn where I can't do by myself.

    But actually, it's not a personal gripe. Just as in the previous thread, I was only clarifying Mario's position. Similarly, in this thread, I was just trying to clarify why the leaderboard is full of nearly identical scores all the time. Then I simply agreed with Castiel (who usually disagrees with me, but in this case, since I agreed with him, someone ELSE must disagree with me...lmao). I have gems enough to last me for years. I never attack, barely rev, am beginning to miss half of the dailies, and barely spent 30 mins on the previous weekly. I'm bored and nearly done with GoO so I don't mind people doing better than I in a challenge. But I think I'm in a similar position to Yoda (who can correct me if I'm wrong) in that I'm on the leaderboard most of the time, and that certainly makes me happy, but it's "unsettling" to see nearly ALL of the same people on the leaderboard. And since it's pretty much an open secret that many if not most of them are just copying a solution and not even attempting to come up with their own solution, I feel like they're "unworthy" of being on the leaderboard. While a certain level of skill is needed to beat a round, there is more skill needed to actually come up with a solution as well. Week after week of rewards for people who just wait for a video and then copy what's in it? It doesn't bother me to any great degree. but I'm definitely not a fan.

    You've made the argument that you saw a video and learned from it. However, IMO most will only learn how to beat that round and not much more. Most probably didn't add any new tricks to their arsenal and will likely need more help next week. If they watched this week's videos, haven't they learned? When will they ever fly on their own?


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      Originally posted by Fritz

      100%. Share after and people can learn and also think your awesome or whatever. Share during and everyone just copies and probably aren't even learning all that much since they're just imitating and many probably aren't even thinking. As Castiel later said, it's the same with bases. The focus seems to be on everyone doing whatever it takes to get more gems, get more trophies, get more everything rather than on just enjoying the game and having fun. Personally, I find it fun beating a challenge round when I figure it out by myself. I often look at the "ones who share" after I beat a round to see if they did it the same (and have my own personal moment in the sun when my method is a better method).
      Seriously, don’t be a hypocrite.. you are one of those who do whatever it takes to get trophies. When it was the last time you did an attack without being a rev that u were sure you would won?


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        I can count at least 4 people on this thread who made salient points without resorting to name calling.

        Id put my money on Fritz running an attack before you learned some social decency.


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          Fritz running an attack? His accounts are sitting at 5150 and 5200 offense trophies. He is the revenge king for the prize of 1 trophy per battle. If he did a easy battle with his trophies where there at, I’d see him hitting my city. So I’d put money on that he will continue to do easy 1 trophy revenges and never do regular attacks. 😜



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            Lmao Fritz, i was a big fan of you, best player in this GoO world i thought, 5k2 offense at level 119, until i see this thread lol


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              If leo keeps track of my trophies (which he seems to do because he seems quite obsessed with every aspect of my game), he'd see that they don't really move much at all anymore. I barely play anymore. Haven't assisted at all in at least a week. Game's just not fun anymore for me and I spend very little time on it. But it's ok. I'll keep posting on the forums, engaging in various discussions to help people, improve the game, etc... While my fan club will continue to derail every thread with nothing but off-topic personal attacks.
              SILENCE IS FOO!