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Request for towers and monument range circle

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  • Request for towers and monument range circle

    It is a good feature we can have the idea of range any monument or any tower by just tapping them ..but it doesn't show the real range of towers and monument ..its shows range with temple bonus ...I would like to suggest after tapping the monument if it shows two circles..inner circle for real range and an outer circle for bonus would be more convenient to figure out the right position to put monument or towers in the case ranged temples are gone...
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    That's actually a good idea, maybe a toggle option or a shadow that looks similar to the Spartan building with 2 circles.

    The difficulty is that there are so many different combinations of range.

    What if Zeus temple is gone but Artemis remains, or vice versa.
    what if Artemis spread shot all the houses, around the monument, but the temple remains standing, what if just some of the houses are gone...
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