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  • Alliance-Based Event

    Can’t we have an alliance-based event alternating with the weekly individual event? Players gain cups, loot and points at the same time while attacking depending on the level of difficulty.

    It could be like this: Highest points garnered in 3 days for each alliance. Whoever got the highest points wins. Only alliances that have at least 50 active members can participate.

    Hard battle - 500 points
    Normal battle - 350 points
    Easy battle - 150 points

    1st place - 5K gems, 1million stones/1 million gold for each player in the alliance
    2nd place - 2.5K gems, 500K stones/500K gold for each player in the alliance
    3rd place - 1K gems, 250K stones/250K gold for each player in the alliance

    Top 4th-20th place - 500 gems, 100K stones/100K gold for each player
    Top 21st-50th place - 250 gems, 50K stones/50K gold for each member of the alliance.

    When a player attacks another player, they’ll get corresponding points based on how difficult the base is. When the attacker loses, no points gained, points will be subtracted based on the level of difficulty (hard, normal, easy). Defense wins gain points based on the level of difficulty.

    Sell event bundles so players can get a head start in attacking by using gems to gain points for the team. You’ll gain more revenue and the game community will become more active and lively as I’m sure each player will attack more. Sell bundles that comes with “skip battle” or “boost points” to make it double or triple the points gained.

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    love a lot of your suggestions, including this one...and even more how you "encourage" devs with monetary incentives!!!


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      That is perfect
      But I think the number of gems be decreased as it looks a real lot

      The problem is all the players who started 4years ago or 3 years ago will get all the rewards
      the tournament Shud be tiered on. The basis of alliance rating for example
      1st tier - 100000 to 70000
      2nd tier - 70000 to 40000
      3rd tier - 40000 to 30000
      4th tier - 30000 to 20000 and the last one
      5 th tier - 20000 to 10000
      The alliance should be eligible only if it has 10000 rating points atleast
      The price for 1st 100 alliances of all tiers go on decreasing tier by tier
      Thank You

      And only the top 40 contributors be awarded

      What do you think developers???

      Guys anyone up???

      Leroy? Castiel? Someone???


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        This could be a good concept for alliance war ngl.