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Additional Gods as the next major update? Please

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  • Additional Gods as the next major update? Please

    I know we just had a major update and everyone seems to be in a tissy whether for or against it. I was just having a conversation with another officer in my alliance about how the addition of more gods could, potentially, "rebalance" things. Most really liked the spartan academy ability to personalized defensive approaches, so with that in mind, what can players do to get more gods created so we have a more personalized defense and offensive strategy? There are dozens of gods in Greek Mythology, and many are similar in various ways. They dont all need to translate differently in game mechanics do they? If someone wants to unlock gods that boost troop or building health vs those who'd prefer more damage output or troop/tower range, well, isn't THAT the point of strategy? As developers, you wouldn't have to "rebalance" anything. The game would just sort itself out. Give people a max of 12 to choose from (as there were only 12 Olympians and this IS gods of olympus), but you as a player decides who those olympians are. Am i dreaming or could that potentially be a boon to the game? I know that creating one comes with a plethora of bugs and challenges, but could it work and placate the masses?
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    Oh Jeez we dont need another god, we dont need another building, tower, monument, or decors. #1 priority right now is Alliance war, leave Aegis alone with all the silly requests and let them fully concentrate on delivering us Alliance war.


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      Thank you Rain for clearly stating that it would, in fact, not placate the masses. Your candor, im sure, is appreciated. However, given that there were connectivity issues before the last major update and, to quote Fritz's discussion, there's an uptick in disconnects currently along with other bugs, I don't think Alliance Wars should be the priority. Just my opinion, disagree as desired.

      However, because I'm curious, what exactly is meant by Alliance Wars? Has this happened in the past as some discussions (what i could find in the search tab) suggest. I've played for maybe a year now (somewhere around there) so I'm clearly not a veteran. Or is this a concept envisioned by multiple people thus leading to multiple interpretations of an idea?
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        This is literally the exact same suggestion that has come up only million of times before this. Create more gods.

        I agree with Rain. Developers told us Alliance War is definitely coming up. Hopefully, we see it in the next update or two.


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          I just wanted to point out that the Olympian Gods were not 12 , they were much more . The twelve Olympians were used in ancient Greek religion throughout the ancient Greek world as an importand classification of 12 importand Gods residing in Olympus. This was an ancient practise as the children of Uranus and Gaia were actually only 12 (six male and six female) thus the major and first generation of Titans were 12. 12 was an importand number in ancient civilasations as the astrological sings are 12 , the months of the year are 12 , etc ( we even Today use the term a dozen of eggs ... )


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            The pain it would be to unlock all the gods will drive me off the cliff. But what’s more painful than that is the wait for the alliance war