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    Is it possible for the next update you add more ranks so players have something to work for?

    Second Lieutenant (2d Lt), First Lieutenant (1st Lt), Captain (Capt), Major (Maj), Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col), Colonel (Col) , Brigadier General (Brig Gen), Major General (Maj Gen), Lieutenant General (Lt Gen), General (Gen), and General of the Alliance (GOA)

    Thank You

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    I’d like to add my vote for at least 1 more rank (lieutenant). Doesn’t need to have ability to kick...maybe probate as a warning, but no kick? But could access officers chat, and be a way to recognize up and coming newer teammates in long established alliances.


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      This feature was there in the game Hustle Castle
      one of the only features one could ever like in there
      Nothing else was good
      Or maybe I would say just allow us to give ranks of our choice i.e any title and authorities of our choice
      1. Kicking
      2. Probating
      3. Changing description
      4. Special chat
      What say guys???????


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        I think keep it simple add 1 more rank would be perfect


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          This feature will atleast take a time of 3 months
          I just gave an idea and we know that's not gonna happen in the upcoming 3 updates because as Leroy said the 3 are already done


          • #6
            Earlier you get it out there the earlier they start thinking about it/working on it


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              Think they should have a co-leader tank and they will automatically become leader once the leader is inactive. Think it could save many dead alliance because of leader being gone. And there could only be one co-leader at a time.