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Email support is getting bad!

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  • Email support is getting bad!

    The last 2 times I've emailed support, I've received unhelpful and indifferent responses from Trevor, and since I hardly ever mail support, this is getting irritating, so I'm posting it here now, in the hope of getting help.

    1. I set up a mini for my niece who has given up on the game, so I'd like access back to the mini. Don't think it was set up to a Google account. Trevor's response : login to your Google account to get access to it. This was 2 months ago, never got access to that mini.

    2. Building a new base and what I'm choosing, isn't what I'm getting, e.g. Choosing blue houses but it gives me every other color, choosing ballistas but getting arrow towers etc. Told them I'm collecting all the stuff in a corner, and what I can't use, I'm selling, but I expect my gems to be refunded. Trevor's response: turn the game all the way off and on.

    So turning it off and on didn't work. What about the gems wasted?

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    1. This response fixes most issues with lost player accounts because they have generally either linked to someone else's account(not recommended as players can lose access to their own accounts) or they have done a factory reset on their device. If you were still having issues after the email the appropriate response would be a secondary email, not a public complaint 2 months later.
    2. I have seen several posts here on the forum but have not encountered this issue with houses. I have seen it with decorations in previous builds, and the reset advice would reset the game and prevent the issue from happening again.


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      1. I did send a secondary email Castiel which was never responded to. It was done, but now a second subpar response is starting to show a pattern.

      2. Replicate it, don't replicate it, this stuff is too technical for me, I just want to play without having to waste gems.

      i stated on the forum a few months ago that email support was great, even gave a shout out to Gary. Please return to form, if I was getting what I needed from email support, then coming to the forum wouldn't have been necessary. Instead of making excuses, and getting defensive and attacking me with what I should've done (which I did do, in any case), try finding a solution, like addressing emails better in the first place.


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        I am sorry that the term replicate is to advanced for you. This simply means recreating the issue to better determine what is the leading cause of a bug so that it can be repaired


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          Yes, keep escalating it Castiel. No wonder support is such a mess.

          understanding the word does not equal understanding the process in terms of the games. This is your day job not mine.

          the one line original response was turn the game all the way off and on, the replicating response only came after I told Trevor that his first response didn't help.

          am I getting my wasted gems back?


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            Or simply refund the money I spent on those gems


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              I am only referring to your response above that you did not understand the terms, and was trying to better explain the process for you.


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                No, you're getting your digs in, anyways, Trevor did respond cordially via email a little while ago, and I replied back cordially.

                That such a simple thing had to be escalated this far is disappointing and I hope it's sorted by the next time I need support.

                I still want my gems back.


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                  I have made no digs towards you and am sorry you feel this way, I also do not understand why you feel this is escalated. It appears you have asked the same question in several different venues and are already upset, the responses here are only to better help explain the situation in terms you would better understand because you stated you were having difficulty understanding the terms used. Anyway, hope you have a wonderful day!


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                    My day will be perfect once I know I'm getting my gems or money back.