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    Without trying to sound like I'm telling people how to do their jobs, here are a few suggestions:

    1. Hero Monument: periodically spawn special defensive characters that can be unlocked via achievements or story. Promotes gameplay and gives developers incentive to make more storylines, not just weekly and daily challenges. Players would control the order which the units would spawn. This would give the developers a chance to give players what they want, like demigods, monsters, and heroes alike.

    2. Multiple Active God Temples: purchased via gems. Promotes outside spending and tougher cities. Win/Win... except for attackers.

    3. Dionysus: make houses increase maximum nectar. No thoughts on temple bonus. Make him a summoner. Summon Maenads (conversion ability), Summon Satyrs (could be ranged or melee), ultimate power being Double Vision (create a mirror image of himself... One being melee, the other ranged).

    4. Hephaestus: all about attack and damage reduction (not health). DR would need to be low or else buildings would be impervious.

    *Please more stories!!! Greek mythology has SO MANY STORIES. Why have just one storyline?

    Anyway, thanks for reading and consideration (developers). Any other thoughts?
    Vi veri universum vivus vici

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    The above regarding Hephaestus would be in reference to his house/temple. Although, upon further thought, a giant Greek Fire Tower as his monument would be pretty cool, in my opinion. One that you could upgrade to hit in a full circle.
    Vi veri universum vivus vici


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      I think that this is amazing idea. It would promote more people to play more and continue to play. I think it would also attract new players to this game. Awesome idea Jay CASTIEL


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        Think there could be lot of stories added for hero cuz of the hero update and also alliance war and i dont really get numberr 2