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    Defensive environments still dominate the top ranks. Last I checked, the top 10 were all using Athena or Poseidon environments. Zeus is also pretty common. These are the only temples that aren't crippled at the start by Slow Time. All the other environments have temples that are far too easy to take out quickly at the beginning.

    An idea I had to make other Environments more attractive is to add an "Environment Aura." Currently the environment gives a boost only while the corresponding temple stands. With an Environment Aura, the boost would last even after a temple has been defeated. My thought is that the Aura would provide 25% of the temple bonus. So Hades environment would give a 15% reanimate even after the level 40 temple fell. Apollo environment would give a .625% heal even without temple. Poseidon would leave a 62.5% shield. (I'd probably drop the temple boost from 100% to 75% so the temple standing bonus was constant.)

    Good idea? Bad idea?

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    Good idea Claque


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      The only environment I see this penalizing is Poseidon. A 62.5% boost on a non-existent shield is still 0. That said, I see this making a few of the lesser used environments much more viable (Hades and Hermes would be especially useful IMO). It's a good suggestion that speaks directly toward the defensive improvement theme found in many of the most popular recent forum threads.


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        Not a bas suggestion
        New Turkish Delight Era. New friends...New start