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  • Global Chat and Reason for Kicking Tab

    It has been suggested before, can’t we get a global chat? It will help or make it easier for lower ranked alliances to recruit or those looking for more active players if there’s a global chat. Also, the social aspect can’t be ignored and is also part of the game. While waiting for nectar, we can spend some time chatting on global and recruiting or socializing. It will make the game more fun!

    Also, it would be nice if there’s a tab or a spot where we can type a message to the player that we are kicking. Like for example, if they’re inactive, we should be able to type “kicked for being inactive, come back when playing again” or when someone is misbehaving, we should be able to type “kicked for misbehavior.” That way, the player getting kicked won’t take it personal.

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    Excellent idea !


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      Also maybe if it was possible to send personal massages to fellow players too. Will be a good way to share a private thought etc.


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        when it comes to global chat, i refer you to clash of clans, its started innocently and then the Indians showed up looking for girlfriends and harassing people to date them, eventually it became a place for trolls and over sensitive people to report people for saying boo. FYI, I don't have anything against Indians from india, it just happened to be a group of individuals from there that created the negative image for their fellow countrymen, just like their tax scams in Canada and the US and countless other scams that they are openly proud off.
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          I don't want to see chat from other countries, or spammers, or low level children just being annoying. Surely that would account for 90% of the chat, unfortunately. A global chat would only work if there were filters, but that sounds like it's too much work (either for the programmers or, if they don't come up with a good way to filter, too much work for the user to manually block a million people).
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            I love both your ideas! I asked about 2 yrs ago for a global chat but I never got a response. I’m sure there would be some trolls on it. But I’m sure it will be more entertaining. It will also be a great way to recruit.
            I have also suggested a invite option for those that attack you or you attack that are not in an alliance. As well as a solo options and a better trophy system. Or a penalized loot when you attack players that are way way lower then u. And a higher payout when your attacking a higher base.
            Not to mention a way of non active members not to count towards alliance ranking but just like everything there is no point in suggesting anything by the time something gets done there are less and less people who care. 😒
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