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  • New Spawner Ideas

    We have received new defenses in the past, but how about a new spawner?

    Swordsman spawner:

    -normal spawn speed.
    -less health than hoplites.
    -slightly greater damage than hoplites.
    -Slightly faster attack speed than hoplites.
    -Slightly greater movement speed than hoplites.

    Minitor spawner:

    (expensive, unlocks at lv70)

    -slow spawn speed.
    -great attack.
    -great health.
    -less than average movment speed.
    -unable to be charmed, but watch out! this war behemoth can be reanimated!

    Custom spawner:

    (a unique building that you can only build one of)
    (unlocks at lv60)
    -Choose between unique troops to help aid you in your defense!
    -spawn time verries uppon troop selection.

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    gladiator spawners perhaps?


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      Gladiators were more of the Roman era, but Greek history has sooooo many things! Myrmidon, centaurs, satyrs, chimaeras, amazons, daemons, nymphs, maenads, so on and so forth. This game really has quite a bit of lasting potential with new content.
      Vi veri universum vivus vici