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    One of the negative aspect in this game is that the dumb AI troop in defence. It really affects my game experience when they are not making sense, chasing any enemy on the fields as far as they go and leave an empty city behind.

    I don't know how costly will it be if the developers really take all my advice in regard of different situation, but my simplest request will be making the troops only be sensitive to any enemy come close to non-decorative building at a range, say 2000.
    Outside this range, the defensive troop can take no action but patrolling the city.

    Another option will be hoplites and archers takes action when enemies come close to their spawner and monument troops remain the same as current behaviour. But this one certainly weaken the defence force under slow push attack.

    Anyway, as far as I know, AI only defend certain region is the most common behaviour in any game. So, I think it wont be too complicated if the development team is willing to change the AI behaviour into this kind. Holding the same priority on chasing gods before troops.

    Well, these simplest regional defence will certainly affect the base design on where we put spawner. Especially in the case if troops only take the radius from spawners as their responsibility. Honestly, now I am level 72 and I don't think of how to place them to attack the gods, what I think is to put them evenly to avoid total destruction from concentrated attack and their link with some buff house. Anyway, both the suggestion above and below will force us to relocate our spawner in order to make a effective defence.

    Here are some more detail suggestion (all the distance state here is just for example) :

    The distribution of troops when there are no gods or enemy troop on the battle field:
    1. They will patrol within a radius of their spawner, say 500, or stand right next to them like every game begin.
    2. When the gods and enemy troop on battlefield are all killed, they will run with their maximum speed to position as stated in 1.
    3. When there are certain amount of temple destroyed, they will patrol around temple instead of their spawner. For base with 3 temples or lower, they patrol around the last 1. For base with 4 to 6 temples, they patrol around the last 2. For base with 7 to 8 temples, they patrol around the last 3.

    Response to enemy when there are gods on the battle field:
    1. Target the gods who stand within any temple by 1000 in priority.
    2. Chase the targeted gods for at least 10 seconds even they step out the distance immediately.
    3. When all gods are 2000 far from any temples, troops will take 4-6 after 10 seconds.
    4. Follow 3, only troops 1500 within the gods will chase after the gods.
    5. Follow 3, troops 1500 away from the gods will stand by at the temples.
    6. Follow 3, the activity range for monument troop will be their spawner activating range plus 1000.
    7. Troops will go after attacker's troop (include assistance) who is within 1000 to any non decorative building.

    Response to enemy where there are no gods on the battle field:
    1. When offensive troop is 2000 far from any temples, defensive troop within 1000 will go after the enemy troop.
    2. When offensive troop is 2000 within a temple or multiple temple, defensive troop within 2000 will go after the enemy troop.

    I think this makes more sense for the defender in the context the gods and offensive troops can drop from the sky to any hole in the city instead of coming outside from the edge. And some actions should focus on the critical building where the troops take it as their core defend principle. At the same time, attacker can retreat to a distance and be allowed to rearrange their formation for next assault.
    This could stop non-sense action like the athena trawling but at an extent, you can still distract a portion of troop.

    There are still a lot need to be considered because from my suggestion, it obviously will weaken the base under many assistance all coming from one side.

    But first of all, I would like to know how many people agree or disagree the need of improvement on the AI behaviour.
    Thanks for reading this.