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    Originally posted by astakam View Post
    I would like to see a Cerberus Challenge...many dogs at a base
    Maybe we could do that. Allowing Hades to summon Cerberus over and over again.


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      Originally posted by Markers View Post

      Maybe we could do that. Allowing Hades to summon Cerberus over and over again.
      my idea is different ...Gods against many Cerberus..I want see gods vs is really going to be fun..I got another idea too...a glass cannon god or solo god break a monument or temple and free Cerberus without summoning and keep doing that ..
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        hi im proposing a new type of challenge
        a base creation challenge
        the event takes a week or two to be completed the first day/phase you would receive a random level that would be assigned to you for that challenge and the average coin and stone that level would have you get to choose the gods that you want and can access at that level for example (a level 80 would be able to choose 8 gods and customize your base with the temples from the gods you've chosen from and you could choose the environment you want from the gods that you have) then you would be able to create a base from said resources
        the next two-three days could be a base creation phase with someone randomly chosen but is either your level precisely,lower or higher but not 10+ above you (for example if your level 36 the highest level person you will face will be a level 40 since if that goes any higher you would be at a disadvantage by a lot.)

        Because there are a lot of people who play goO there will be a leaderboard for people in each category which would be best in the world<continent <country. The reason i suggest two weeks because i feel there will probably be a lot of people participating and ik technology is most definitely getting better i think it will take an exceptional amount of time to calculate the leaderboard and place people in the correct places on the leaderboard
        and for every fight you win 25* boost for 50 and the amount of money boosted will be determined from your current level not from the challenge as you could get a lower amount of money as your used too and most would be furious not being able to get the amount they get from other challenges and if it takes too long for each phase you can shorten it down to make it each phase to take a day to finish. you will compete until you have gained the most trophies from the amount of trophies you had at the beginning of the challenge
        if you have any other ideas to add on or part to remove feel free to comment


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          A challenge where you can use the first and second abilities only once but the third ability again and again for a limited amount of times. The first two abilities should be op, and vice versa.