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    i think we should just have a god vs god or gods vs gods and see who wins.


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      I was thinking like for ALLIANCE WAR we could do this:

      I can choose which god I would like to be ( ARES)and then someone else and so on , but because there are only 9 gods ,only nine members can join in , so if I choose Ares (because he's the strongest) others can't choose him they must choose another god that they have on they're Pantheon , it's obvious that they must choose they're strongest one to battle , so once that's done we would have a Expiry date on when the battle is going to end , so what will happened is that the developers can make more Developer bases , and each member has to attack that same base together , so I can only control ares and someone else can control Athena a so on until we defeat the last temple if we loose the battle then we can have another chance to attack and members of the ally can helpy

      what at do you ?

      Or or we could have a base MAX OUT like Raph's man , you know , every space is covered in buildings and each player minimum is 5 can attack that same base , so if I go first and I can only manage to destroy Ares and Artemis temple , it will stay so for another player , then he can focused on destroying the most he can but ATLEAST a temple then someone can go after him until EVERYTHING IS DESTROYED ,

      so im guessing that mostly all of you guys would like this and can't decided. Well me neither , so if we can have 2 of this modes and the original idea of the alliance war that'll be great.

      Like a a like people


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        How about adding environments to the challenges? It would be fun to test all of the environmental boosts
        See you on the FlipSide


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          How about we have challenges where we build certain cities. Starting with level 1 and so forth. They have troops that have to try to destroy our cities that we build.