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    Originally posted by Greenicus
    For the top 100, maybe a fun idea would be to have a "Replay" next to everyone in the top 100 after the contest closes? It'd be really fun to see all the different strategies out there.
    Also, if you can always watch your latest personal high score replay, it'd be nice to watch yourself and watch what you did well or didn't do well.
    That's a good idea Green, i like to see the strategies too.
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      I second Volkans idea.

      also my ideas are:

      speed beat this base in less than 30 seconds, on final round it would be who could beat it the fastest

      just the girls challenge, using only female gods

      invasion challenge where only gods come attacking.

      Base builder challenge, preset ammount of stone and you build a base and see if it holds one of the physics bridge building games.


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        I want to see a challenge with only one god.......just like golden god he or she will be superpowered and will have to defeat bases with him or her alone.......I feel it will be fun....πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…


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          Here's a fun one, build a base that can't be defeated by me solo for round one, then with the support of one player all the way to having the support of an either clan, I suggest making me a mid level boss while we are at it lol


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            CASTIEL those first messages were really inspiring bro , Those are the types of messages we like to hear , very inspiring to share our ideas 😭 * RESPECT *

            I love to share my ideas but sometimes it fells like the dev. Don't read them , ,( reason : Many times we don't get replies from them nor do we get likes for our ideas .. ) So if only the dev. Could reply a little more or quote them and say something like GREAT IDEA , WE'LL KEEP IT ON OUR MIND FOR FUTURE UPDATES , that would be cool and inspired us to continue .... C

            But still , *
            RESPECT * for you guys , keep going


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              Here's an idea for the campaign ,

              Lets say that while we were attacking the last city ( Chapter 25 ) KING LEONARDO ( ) had conquered our city . So we ,( the gods ) must attack our city ( ) to get rid of King Leo .

              So im thinking that this is a great plan because we can really test our city without using 200 nectar , . Boy , it sure would be hard for me to destroy my base , but I'm thinking it would be harder for Ralphman, Reaper ,and other top players to destroy their city

              Also if we could destroy our friends city because King Leo had conquered theirs too . What do you think


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                You mean King Leonidas.

                Hopefully something involving him and the Persians with Xerxes I.

                That would be awesome, but rather, helping them defeat the Persian invasions at Thermopylae.

                Another suggestion for the campaign could be The Iliad or Odyssey based, or the battle of Troy. Achilles would be interesting for a story arc.


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                  Rogue Gods !
                  how about 2 gods have gone to battle against the other 6 , we attack a base made with only temples & houses from the 2 rogue gods (+ defences of course) could be many match ups , may be easy to develop as well 😁 maybe in the last few rounds the rogue gods against us too ! Cheers πŸ‘»
                  Damn, LEGION OF TARTARUS is SPOOKIN!


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                    Originally posted by Kratos FWP

                    You mean King Leonidas.

                    Hopefully something involving him and the Persians with Xerxes I.

                    That would be awesome, but rather, helping them defeat the Persian invasions at Thermopylae.

                    Another suggestion for the campaign could be The Iliad or Odyssey based, or the battle of Troy. Achilles would be interesting for a story arc.
                    😢 Ummm ........ No bro , I just invented that name . πŸ˜…, but that idea of yours I had already thought of that . My idea was that HEROES join in , like Hercules πŸ˜…, Achilles, Paris ....etc .


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                      I would like to see added a variety of fish species to purchase,like decorations,that I could have swimming in the waters surrounding my city.

                      Oops, this is the event idea thread.

                      Um-okay. Let’s see an event where ALL the troops defending against your Gods are Tritons. Poseidon's wave would swirl them away trapped inside the rushing torrent of water. Then they would lay on their side wriggling and flopping.Artemis would have a flyrod instead of arrows doinking the tritons on the head from a great distance. Apollo would have a line attacked to his arrow that would be instantly reeled back to his bow where Zues would stomp the little fishys.Aphrodite would heal the flopping tritons when she used charm and they’d fight for you. Hades would turn them into little fishy skeltons(animated exactly like the typical cartoon fish). Ares and Athena?who cares I don’t like them.
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                      where are you little fishys


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                        I would like to suggest that we have more routine events. Maybe these events could start at the same time each week? I think ideas for events will continue to come in as long as there are challeges and events going on even if they are a repeat of a few weeks prior. I see so much boost in activity when these challenges are live. Then the wait in between make some players interest. Please keep these challenges going and when a challenge is over please start the countdown until the next one starts. I really enjoy this game and all of the new additions that have been added. I really think more events and achievements/rewards will keep more people interested (especially the younger group) thanks!
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                          A Weekly Event

                          This would be geared more towards the low to mid-level players.

                          How about once a week you can tap on a button and whatever Temples that player your attacking has are the only Gods you get to use. They have Temples but you don’t have the corresponding Gods? Oh well,do your best. Maybe 500 nectar to play it.
                          where are you little fishys


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                            This fits under event suggestions I guess.. I'd like a push notification to go out announcing the challenge has begun. I think this would get a lot of people to log on & play. Maybe one when there is only 24 hours left as well.
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                              Feature request:

                              1) Base editor. Now I'm tired of waiting if this is really gonna be an update yes or no , we just want a response ARE WE GOING TO GET IT YES OR NO ?

                              2) Be able to attack (revenge) Your opponent that attacked you in the last 24 hours

                              3) When attacking the daily challenge. The levels all drop down to 25 again. That way we can get more loot and gems.

                              4) We can have a "NEXT" button where we can choose if we are really gonna attack that p,Ayer yes or no. But we won't spend 1000 nectar again.Nope. For every next player we choose it will be 200 ambrosia/10,000 gold or 200 nectar

                              5) Be able to see how much our city cost. Like for example,mine costs 110,000,000 stones and we can RESTART everything to level 1

                              6) Have alliance war

                              7) More decorations where we can get more gems and loot

                              8) For our opponents to have more loot and get and bonus for every temple( nowadays we only get 100,000+ stones ,)

                              9) To be able to see Whose online in your alliance

                              10)To be able to invite new members,to have them as FRIENDS and to see they're profile

                              11) another section where they can post if they need a ally

                              12)To be able to have more accounts in the game

                              13) Rewards for helping out a friend

                              14) More ACHIEVEMENTS ADDED

                              15) A 24 hour GOD TRIAL

                              16) Add another kind of defence

                              17) Maybe we can see some wild animals passing by like Wolves and foxes

                              18) Can we please stop seeing those crazy white robed people Dancing and jumping πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Can't they just ador the temple , chat with people and just walk DICENTLY


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