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  • hey

    i’m currently mid-high 1800s and i’m struggling to keep up with the temple health increase in bases. poseidon especially is a nightmare because i have to break through 400k hp and 7 other temples in 30 seconds or else i lose. anyone has any tips besides switch to slow push?
    i got ares and poseidon as main dps with hermes patron for speed, zeus hera artemis for clearing out obstacles and support, apollo cleric, and athena is a lure lmao (she just stands on the side and waits for the troops to run to her haha)
    i would run poseidon patron except its pretty much worse because hermes provides a speed boost to my entire team which also speeds up attacks (i think) and i need to run fast lmao
    its also pretty expensive to even get a minor boost in strength because, y’know, higher level more coins.

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    use athena to tank with aegis


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      problem is i drop in the middle of the base and nuke everything that way, so the troops come from all sides. i do use athena and hera as corner bait after regroup tho but i never get through the temples in the center in time