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God's Stats regarding Patrons.

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  • God's Stats regarding Patrons.

    Did something change recently with Patrons regarding their stats and power or did bases just become really stronger due to the new update/s?

    I tried running through all the patrons using different styles and found it very difficult to push through or use their powers.
    As Patrons
    Hades Reanimate is God awful and spawns maybe a dozen skeletons.
    Aphrodite's supposed 200% Charm Units maybe gets a handful of units charmed.
    Artemis Spread Shot arrows are good for buildings and towers, but slow regarding units are just shockingly bad and she literally has no power even with hawk storm.
    Hera seems to have issues with Revenge and her life just dropping suddenly.

    I never tried Ares because I didn't want to bother wasting gems.
    The rest seem okay and workable to some degree but could be better considering they are Gods, but it seems we are in a box with half of the 'Gods' unusable because they lack either the speed or the power to perform.
    Keep in mind my health and strength are 75 for each God and their powers are 70 for both. Special powers are 70 and above.

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    idk bases feel the same for me since feb update. They all feel weak because they are countered by the combination of centaurs and 3 heroes on the map


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      Bases feel more difficult lately or else something was changed in zeus' stats. The latter feels weaker these last three weeks and other people in my alliance noticed the change too. I cannot speak about the other patron gods.. didn't try anyone of them as I am not playing much anymore.