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How to defend against Hermes Patron levels 120 - 125?

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    Originally posted by WORM
    Everyone i have ever seen use Zeus as a patron after the nervous have been extremely skilled and only know 2 players who actully can master this patron and win fairly but not by corner camping by destroying half the base normally and than circling with the assistance of hermes it by no means looks ezy and Zeus cannot be nerfed again. I admit to using him as a patron b4 the nerf but now I wouldn't dare I dont have the skills at all. In regard to hermes idk he is still a hard patron 2 use but perhaps a small need would be bennifivial but imo i reckon he just needs the evade ability removed the speed is all that his God character requires and the evade i have always felt makes the haste ability 2 abilities in . finally I want to make mention to bloody Athena patron holy crap you can just bulk troops out and leave bases demolished with troop mass the patron i loose the most to and come on 5 circles of troops every 20secs is tons target aphro mon and hades temp and it is just trample the base. So u stand to believe Athena is the strongest atm. Also I strongly believe that Ares and pos need a boost seriously a lot. both are just sacrifices atm. Appolo, Arty, Hera, Zeus, Aphrodite, Hades are all perfect atm it is just Ares and pos that need a boost and Hermes and Athena that need a small nerf
    Athena patron is out of control. I know that 90% of the time if someone uses Athena patron against my base I'm going to lose. I've wasted loads of gems trying to change my base design around, getting as much crowd control in place as possible, makes no difference at all. I think Athena patron is strongest around maybe lvls 85 - 105, after that though bases can become big enough that they can contend with an Athena patron adequately. Makes me wonder if devs intentionally boosted her hoplites in a vain attempt to make Hera environment and Adonis hero viable options (they both make no difference against Athena patron btw). I find people attacking with her often pair her with Hades, Zeus, Artemis, Apollo. They just casually stay near the perimeter of the base, the hoplites and skeletons are enough to keep the troops away, while Artemis, Apollo, and Zeus slowly break the base apart. I could fill my base with only gorgon towers and cyclops, max out Aphro tower, get Adonis and Perseus, go heavy on white houses... and it would make no difference. Bases in the 85 - 105 lvl simply don't have enough stone to keep up with her hoplite spam.


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      Originally posted by C1ph3r

      Im sorry, but what you’re describing does not sound anything like mono, that is hit and run which does not require as much skill as mono, I don’t even think that many people do mono, most is hit and run and slow push with Hermes and a few do actual mono
      Well it's not like classic mono, but I honestly haven't seen classic mono since centaurs came out, do people still actually manage to take out one temple with one god? I'm in a top 3 clan with top 10 players, so if their attacks I've seen don't represent contemporary 'mono' then I guess I really don't know what mono is these days, because I certainly haven't seen it since centaurs were released. You're right that hit and run is a better description for it though.


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        Yes mono is dying extremely rare
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          Yes real mono is not hit and run and it’s rare, i play real mono still, nothing with hit and run or anything, expect Hermes is still alive after taking 2 temples together with pose and Athena in second round, but mostly he’s not. And why is mono rare? Because we had always only 1 maybe 2 Patrons which were possible for mono to play, but Ares is no longer possible since Centaurs, Pose got nerfed, hes no longer that strong and is only possible on lower bases because you need Hermes for it too but without Patron he is only weak and yeah we have Hermes, only god which is really possible atm for real mono, and yes Centaur are dangerous for real mono too, we told this since a long time. If Hermes gets a nerf then real mono is dead completely, there is no way anymore to play it well, then give us pose back at least. Expect devs want a slow push game without different strategies.