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Active ability remains active until further change from the player

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  • Active ability remains active until further change from the player

    It would be nice if we didn't have to keep cycling thru the gods each & everytime just to reactivate their abilities especially if it's the only 1 we use over & over. Say pose's waterblast would keep blasting without player's input after each cool down passed, it just seems to tedious with so much going on the battle ground for a player having to bounce around. Whatever last button the player touches should remain active thru out the entire game.

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    I often need to keep skills to use right after regroup. Also there is right timing to use some skills. No thanks to reactivate automatically. Even if we can set it up, I don’t use it anyway.
    It’s just my opinion.


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      most battles im just sitting there pressing specials on all 5 gods as they cycle through, doesnt leave a lot of time to do much micromanaging, i often need to gently navigate the entire group and then focus in on any god that is in particular danger, or to get a specific high threat target. id like the option to have it cycle automatically as well, maybe a press and hold to lock it down to cycle automatically, and another press to unlock the autocycle. another thing which would likely be challenging to implement, would be the possibly to create squads of gods, like zeus and poseidon in one grouping, hera and hades in another, artemis in her own, so i can move these smaller groupings around more conveniently.