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cyclops redundant with gorgon?

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  • cyclops redundant with gorgon?

    Given the limitations of stone, would it be better to have one gorgon tower or 4 cyclops tower, assuming the cost is relatively similar? Gorgon tower has better range once upgraded so can do damage through a match, it kills assisters/UW skeletons/charmed/hoplites etc, however it's a lot of stone invested into one tower, so it seems you give up some health points (4 cyclops towers have 4x as many hitpoints to have to kill vs 1 gorgon tower), but the damage through a match will generally be higher as long as it's not destroyed. For me right now I'd need to spend 32Million stone on a gorgon tower, which I find hard to justify as the damage potential just isn't worth 32Million stone, however if I sold off 4 cyclops towers I could get the gorgon tower with that stone, I just wonder opinions on whether that seems like an improvement or not.

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    Hera can be sacrificed to take out all the gorgons in the base


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      Through her revenge I take it you mean? Never tried placing her solely, but it would stand to reason that the gorgon towers full attack strength would hit her, get reflected back and destroy the towers pretty much instantly, assuming the numbers/levels were there. I mostly am looking for crowd control on defense against UW attacks, which is about the only attacks I ever receive, like 15 UW attacks on my base for every 1 Olympus attack. Cyclops towers are okay but can easily get overwhelmed. So would it make sense to trade in 4 cyclops towers for 1 gorgon tower I wonder. Has anyone tried that approach and if so what was the experience like with it?