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Monogod strategy

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  • Monogod strategy

    Hello I see everywhere you talking about "mono" and "monogod" but you never explain what it is
    I know slow push and burst strategys
    Is someone kind enough to explain it to me ?

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    The one I will be explaining is the one most people uses.

    First they drop Athena, Ares, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hermes.
    Athena will be in the center with inspiration while Ares and Zeus take out one temple that is boosted with lot of houses(Athena, Poseidon, and Zeus) Poseidon(usually the patron) takes out another boosted temple. Hermes will either help Poseidon or take out a temple between the two boosted temple near with Athena tanking. If Poseidon destroyed the boosted temple, then he will quickly help Hermes to destroy the temple of not done so yet then Hermes will regroup

    After that, Hera OR Athena and Poseidon will take out another boosted temple generally with Hermes if used Hera but not always. If possible try to take out as many nearby temple. Use Ares to battle charge to take out Apollo temple. Use Hades to take another temple, Aphrodite for another one, Apollo and Zeus for another one.

    Artemis can be used to finish off any temple that wasn’t able to be finished or be used to make a hole in the center of the base for a different starting strategy.

    I also don’t really play mono much and just describing based off what I see everyone else doing so correct me if I am wrong


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      OK thanks. So it's more or less like burst. I don't have hermes so I can't try it yet.


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        The strategy is pretty over powered as it allows you to avoid heros and troops most of the time as your gods are everywhere across the map