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What's the pros and cons of these heroes?

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  • What's the pros and cons of these heroes?

    I'm contemplating buying gems for one of 4 heroes I find visually appealing. So if anyone can tell me what their pros and cons are and how their skills work, that would be most appreciated. Also, which hero do you think is best when your environment is Apollo's environment and why?
    The 4 heroes I would consider buying are:
    Odysseus - what's his pros and cons and how does his skill work? Is it similar to Artemis's long shot?
    Adonis - is his weapon a bow? Also, does his charm work in the same way as Aphrodite? Does it work on gods and undead?
    Paris - pros and cons? Can he stun gods?
    Perseus - same questions with above.

    Also, I already levelled Herakles significantly. Can I reset him for my new hero or will the new hero require succeeding resources?

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    Adonis is the worst hero so just no. He is basically aphrodite monument but worst. If the attacker is not a slow push player then he is about as good as any archer in the battle field. Even if the player is a slowpusher, they can still kill him pretty easily unless you upgrade his range. But if his range is upgraded then his range can sometimes be bigger than his ability circle making him completely useless

    Odysseus is decent as he got fine health for ranged hero and pretty good damage but he isn’t really that good with big crowds of troops and a god tanking

    Paris is very good against mono god players but his stats are trash beside his range. His stun can easily ruin a players attack if he manage to stun their patron and it isn’t very defended much as most of the time they will die. He is also very good against hit and run strategy as he can strike down one of the gods tanking and leaving the rest vulnerable. He is pretty easy to deal with as he have insanely low healths so it’s best to boost his range a lot so he can stay far away from the god

    Perseus is probably by far the best. He has good speed and health and insane damage on top of that. He can easily go and kill all the support god if they even get close to him as one hit from the Medusa power of Perseus can basically get them killed. The attackers helpers also can’t really do much to deal with him as will ignore all troops and go only after the gods. He is the best compared to the others in Apollo environment as he has very good amount of health this will get most healing from the environment