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Advice on a reset of gods.

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  • Advice on a reset of gods.

    My overworld (level 63) performance isn't great, so i'm looking to redo my gods. A couple people told me the way they play is to let the gods do their own thing and direct them only rarely, such as when they are doing something stupid. To that end, they do not take the powers that need direction. For example, they do not take tidal wave, but do take water blast. Not battle charge, but whirlwind attack. I guess it's always the first power over the second one. Anyway, i'm thinking of trying that, which requires resetting my gods. But i do not know a good distribution of health/strength/1st attack.

    I currently have 6 gods: Poseidon, Ares, Aphrodite, Athena, Zeus, Hades. (Athena was purchased last.) Resetting all of them would cost 1851 gems and refund 105,710,000 gold, leaving me with 5623 gems and 121,406,460 gold.

    What do you think about that basic strategy and if you think it's good, how would i distribute the gold to the gods?

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    I won't recommend tbh since this strategy will not work in higher level


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      Fwiw, i did not reset. Instead, i have been focusing on the other skill and raising their health. Letting them run on their wn does seem to help though. At least for now.


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        For slow push, I always found the passive abilities better than the non-passive abilities. While I assume mono-godders prefer more of the non-passive abilities. Planning on directing gods rarely seems like a slow push, so the passive abilities would be better. I don't think it's a bad idea to let the gods do most of the work, then as you improve, you'll find yourself directing them more and more.

        1. For Zeus, I always did prefer Lightning Storm to Chain Lightning
        2. Aphrodite - always good to have some Charm Building ability because there are times where there are just too few units to charm
        3. BOTH of Hera's abilities are passive and I used to build them up relatively equally (moot since you don't have her).
        4. BOTH of Athena's abilities are passive as well. If you ever get Hera and she's your shield, I'd still use both, but I'd invest more in summoning. If Athena acts as your shield throughout, no need for summoning

        Also worth noting, I'd never waste by resetting, so I think that was a good choice. Before long, you'll get the numbers up (and probably improve your game along the way).


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          I agree with fritz on not resetting the gods