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Dealing with bases spread out as little islands

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  • Dealing with bases spread out as little islands


    There is a probably a term for this but dont know it : some bases have like 5-7 parts, for example north south east west, center. Each part typically has a temple , a monument, few defensive buildings. And space, lot of space, is separating the different parts.

    I struggle against these bases more than against "one block" bases. Against one block, i have some skills working nicely, like Hera Wrath, or Artemis Hawk. Not only a spread out base will lower these skills, but also one has to walk a lot.

    I tried to deploy gods in various groups. But these groups are too weak and it comes very hard to control them. For the moment the "less worst" is to stick to a big one group of gods, identifying worst monuments and going one part after one part.

    Probably spreading out the base is the best defensive approach. But you may still have some tips to share?

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    I say destroy the strongest and most important part of the base, move to the edge of the base, then walk clockwise or anti clockwise destroying chunk of bases one at the time. Make sure to actively use "Select All" button, if you haven't been already, to ensure no god gets left behind in the process of moving around the base.

    The common term, or at least in my opinion, for this type of bases is "Island Style Base" versus "Compact Base", I think. At least that's what I saw people calling them.


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      Having Hermès will give you a pretty big advantage on island bases


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        Oh true i do not have Hermès, both speed and ultimate may prove useful. I need to think about but i also miss Athena to boost hera Wrath.
        (at the moment i still have three to unlock, Apollo / Hermès / Athena )