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    So i'm level 47 soon to be level 50 and i was wondering what god next. my gods right now are ares, apollo, artemis, zeus, and hera. my strategy is usually do is spawn hera down and wrath very soon to the beginning (i then always use artemises spread shot at the beggining) . i use apollos line of fire and take out some academies and archeries pretty fast. then i use ares to charge through most of the base when zeus just tanks in front of him. i then basically go around targeting all of the temples and use ares's spin attack whenever a large group of enemies gather. then whenever my gods get low on health i use apollos heal.

    what i think of the other gods:

    aphrodite: she seems like a really good god and i can't get any troops on the ground in an attack with my current gods so she seems like a pretty solid choice with her charm units

    hades: he's cool but he isn't my favorite, he has that ability where he can raise up dead units but i don't think it raises to many, i like him and he might be a later god but not my sixth god

    posiden: he seems pretty awesome with his craken ability and the wave ability, i just am not sure about getting him cause i can't get troops well attacking with my current gods

    hermes: he looks like a pretty good choice and his final ability looks great but he just isn't the god i'm looking for at this moment

    athena: i don't like her to much, she seems to have pretty weak attack damage. her aegis shield is cool and it seems useful in a group of gods if they target her, but i dont really know about her, she might be good but i'm not positive

    thanks for any suggestions!

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    Many posts like this and I believe every player will advocate getting Hera and Poseidon ASAP. Since you already have Hera, Poseidon is the clear choice. I'd be surprised if anyone disagrees. After that, I imagine there would be a split between Hades and Athena.


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      i think i'll get posiden then aphrodite, then maybe hades, thanks!


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        As Fritz has said, based on your current lineup Poseidon is the clear choice... every single battle he is my top damage dealer (I'm level 97) followed by Artemis who is my patron.

        Kracken is a great move, will take down a lot of buildings and occasionally will take down monuments and temples on its own, it also draws focus off enemy towers and units which is often overlooked but is really useful.
        His water blast is so effective at managing both lots of enemy units, and taking down temples, and it also turns his melee attack into a ranged one which is so helpful when you have Hera houses doing damage to you.

        Having units on the ground is great, but honestly between Ares whirlwind, Hera's reflect and Poseidons Water Blast, units won't be that big of a deal at your level and you don't need them just yet. You have a good strategy, I think you're best of committing to your strategy and just bursting through your enemies bases with Hera, Poseidon and Ares.

        Athena is a really good god, she takes a lot of damage at the beginning, and her inspire boosts the damage of wrath and Kracken. She is the first god to enter the battle for me every single time, she does have low damage, but that's not her role, after Aphrodite monument is gone you can flood the field with Hoplites too. After Poseidon I highly recommend getting her.

        Also join Legion of Tartarus! You will find plenty of great support and advice here! :-)
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        "Legion of Tartarus". They're so hot right now


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          Madcarrot, thanks i'll get posiden and then maybe athena so she can soak up most damage, (also cant find Legion of Tartarus, just like four all owned by one dude)
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            agree with both, poseidon then athena. athena is the tank of tanks, i used to run her at the front with poseidon artemis apollo and hermes, and took down half a city nearly untouched


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              yeah i'm saving up for Poseidon only have 1.5 mil gold right now though